All on 4 Dental Implants Cost

All on 4 dental implants cost, people with missing teeth are wondering about the cost of all on 4 dental implants they are considering. There is standard information of all on 4 dental implants cost figures in the industry. Since the treatments are developed for individuals, net price information is indicated after the dentist examination. Reasons such as the patient’s oral and dental condition, the doctor’s experience, the prices of the clinic, the brand and number of implants to be used are decisive in pricing.

If the person who wants to be treated has health and customized dental insurance, a part of the total cost can be covered by the insurance. At this stage, it is recommended to consult with the insurance institution before starting the treatment. In our content we have prepared, we have included a wide range of price information about the all on four technique. For those who want to invest in your life and teeth, the all on four application is one of the most high quality and affordable options.

What is the All On Four Treatment?

All on 4 technique; It is one of the treatment methods developed for tooth loss due to disease, damage, bone or gingival condition. It has been developed for people who suffer from jawbone resorption and cannot benefit from conventional implants. Thanks to the treatment method, the quality of life of people with toothlessness is increased. The main reasons for choosing the all-on-four technique are:

  • It prevents and eliminates the progression of the patient’s existing bone resorption.
  • Compared to conventional implants, it has very affordable prices. Its total cost is low.
  • Since artificial gingiva is designed, the healing process takes a short time compared to classical procedures.
  • Because of its high success rate, it has proven predictions.
  • Patients can have new teeth on the same day. The treatment process takes a short time compared to many procedures.
  • The success rate is high. For this reason, people can use it for a lifetime with the right care. They can eat whatever they want and smile confidently.

What are the Advantages of All-On-4 Treatment?

The main advantages of All-on-4 therapy are:

  • You can have teeth with natural tooth appearance and function in the same day.
  • You can improve your appearance aesthetically.
  • You can safely consume the foods you want.
  • You can regain your self-confidence thanks to your smile.
  • You can eliminate the past problems you have had with your unhealthy teeth.

Thanks to the easy-care teeth, you will not spend long time on your mouth and teeth care during the day.

All on four treatment results in a short time. You can have new teeth on the same day. You can use it comfortably for at least 20 years due to its longevity. The treatment has a structure that will protect the jawbone. Thanks to the implants placed in the areas where your missing teeth are located, your facial structure is protected.

Wrinkles caused by missing teeth are reduced. You can look younger thanks to your new teeth. Your eating habits will be like the period when you had healthy teeth. You can regain your biting and chewing abilities. Since the dentures are fixed, they will not slip out of your mouth while talking or eating. You can have real tooth feeling.

Your quality of life will increase. You can be confident when smiling and talking. You can look at life from a new window by feeling renewed. You will no longer have health problems related to your teeth that you had in the past. You are not exposed to infections, bacterial, inflammatory diseases.

How Much Does All on 4 Dental Implants Cost?

The fees for All on 4 dental implants vary every year. Since only four implants are used in the All on four technique, there are not as many implants as in other techniques. For this reason, it has very affordable prices compared to full mouth implants. Patients who have no teeth in their mouth can have new teeth in one day thanks to this technique. The application was used for the first time in Sweden and spread all over the world in a short time.

The fees for the all on four technique in Turkey are determined by the Turkish Dental Association. Calculation is made over the implant base prices announced by the association. Since many clinics have their own price policy, the most suitable prices are determined according to the location. Apart from the implant prices, porcelain teeth are added to the total cost. All on 4 technique is completed with teeth designed in accordance with the patient’s demand.

The average price information varies according to the brand of the implant to be used in the treatment. In addition to many foreign brands, affordable domestic implants are also used in clinics in Turkey. Preferences are determined according to the individual’s budget.

All-on-4 vs. Dentures

All on 4 implants can be called prostheses from time to time. One of the first reasons that comes to mind is because dentures are movable teeth. Dentures sit on the gums. It is fixed in place only thanks to the adhesive. If the patient’s gingiva is suitable, it can be fixed without using adhesives. However, if the person’s gum is not strong enough, it causes the denture to loosen. Therefore, dentures need to be replaced at regular intervals. Removable dentures are prepared to fit the patient’s mouth structure. With its horseshoe-shaped structure, it should be removed before going to sleep at night.

The situation is completely different for All on 4 implants. These prostheses are fixed in place with implants. It has the same features as natural teeth in terms of appearance, chewing and comfort functions. Since they are fixed, they do not slip when talking or eating. Even in this application, the synthetic gingiva will not be visible when you smile because it is quite small. Although dentures are economical solutions, they need to be replaced at certain intervals. But all on 4 implants are used safely for years thanks to regular maintenance. With only 4 implants, you can have healthy-looking teeth for life.

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