Ameritas Hollywood Smile Plus 2000

Ameritas Hollywood smile plus 2000 is a treatment package. It can be called a special application used in many countries. Due to the fact that the treatment fees are too high, teeth are made at more affordable prices through some programs. First of all, it is necessary to learn about the smile design rather than the price. Smile is a non-surgical facial makeup. During this process, they are made individually, wafer-thin. As a result, the teeth look more even, brighter and whiter.

A beautiful smile gives you an advantage in many areas of life. A beautiful smile plays an active role in expressing emotions and in perceiving a person as someone who is intelligent, effective and easy to communicate.

It increases your success in both your appearance and communication. Smile design is the practice of medicine and art together to give you a beautiful smile. In this treatment, the dentist makes a smile plan taking into account your personal wishes and health and naturalness. It determines what needs to be done for a beautiful smile.

What is the Ameritas Hollywood Smile Plus 2000?

Ameritas Hollywood smile plus 2000 is a treatment package used when designing a smile. First of all, for a beautiful smile, it is necessary to have teeth that are compatible with the face shape and lip structure. With the development of aesthetic substances in dentistry, many shape, color and position disorders can be solved. Smile Design takes on a very important function here.

Thanks to the Ameritas Hollywood smile plus 2000, you can get treatment at very affordable prices.Color and shape disorders of the teeth can cause problems up to psychological disorders in the individual. The fact that the individual is not satisfied with his smile, tries to close his mouth while laughing, and feels uncomfortable with the shape and color of his teeth are among the most common situations in this regard.

Although these treatments are cost-effective, they are performed expensively in some cases. But some treatment packages make the prices more affordable.Ameritas Hollywood smile plus 2000 is a treatment package. These treatments are performed at more affordable costs.

How to Make a Hollywood Smile?

Ameritas Hollywood smile plus 2000 is a treatment package used when designing a smile. In recent years, Hollywood stars have started to attract attention with their smiles and this term has appeared. There are 4 important rules for a Hollywood smile.

  • The upper front teeth should be smooth and should not contain any visible fillings. The upper central incisors should be more prominent and prominent than the others. The lower incisors should also appear during smiling. The tooth arc is wide at the top and the upper it should appear up to the big horny.
  • Lips should be symmetrical. The symmetry of the lips may have more to do with November muscles than teeth.
  • The upper gum should look up to 2mm.
  • It should be at least half the width of the face.
  • The pose is the relationship between the line Deceptively drawn along the edges of the upper front teeth in a smile and the inner contour of the lower lip, the curvature tends to flatten out as women age.


  • If it is compatible, the arc and the arc lip should coincide or be parallel, the upper cutting edges may touch the lower lip edges, may not or may slightly cover.Thanks to the Ameritas Hollywood smile plus 2000, all these transactions are made at much more affordable prices.

Hollywood Smile Design Prices

Ameritas Hollywood smile plus 2000 is the program used for a good smile. Having a perfect smile is one of everyone’s dreams. When it comes to perfect smiles, everyone thinks of the Hollywood smile, also known as the Hollywood Smile. So, is it possible to have the impressive smiles and teeth of the stars we watch in Hollywood movies? These perfect teeth and smile that adorn your dreams can also be yours.It is made at much more affordable prices with methods such as Ameritas Hollywood smile plus 2000.

Ameritas Hollywood smile plus 2000, cost-effective dental treatments are performed thanks to this treatment program. Not only smile design, but all treatments such as dental veneers, bridge teeth, root canal treatment, tooth extraction, implants can be performed.

Is the Hollywood Smile Expensive?

Thanks to the Ameritas Hollywood smile plus 2000, the Hollywood smile is not expensive.Many different procedures are performed to have a Hollywood smile. For an aesthetic appearance, dental and gum treatment is performed. Even in addition to these, applications such as lip fillers for tooth and lip harmony are included within the scope of smile design.

For the Hollywood smile, one’s expectations and needs are determined first of all. Then the shape of your face is determined. Taking this information into account, it is determined which form of teeth you should have. Many factors such as gender, age, lips, facial features indicate what kind of smile you should have. For this reason, the procedures to be applied are determined specifically for the individual.Ameritas Hollywood smile plus 2000 is a program that provides personalized treatment opportunities.

Hollywood Smile Procedure

Thanks to Ameritas Hollywood smile plus 2000, very high quality treatments are determined at affordable costs.In face-to-face relationships, the first focus is the eyes, but after a very short time, the lips, teeth and smile attract attention. It is very important to have a beautiful smile for everyone. A perfect smile is very important not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also for communication. The standards set for a real Hollywood smile are listed as follows:

  • With the laughter of the individual, all the teeth up to the upper molars should be visible.
  • One of the most important criteria is that the upper front teeth are smooth.
  • The upper incisors should be more prominent and prominent than the other teeth.
  • Applications such as fillings made on the individual’s teeth should not be visible.
  • The lower incisors should appear during smiling.
  • In addition, the upper gums should appear a maximum of 2 mm.
  • The lips should be symmetrical and the width of the lips should be half the width of the face.


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