Are Dental Implants Covered by Insurance

Are dental implants covered by insurance, today many people who want to have implants are looking for the answer to this question. Especially those who want to perform their treatment at affordable prices prefer Turkey. Thanks to its quality and affordable plans, it is among the most preferred countries.

If the treatment will take place in Turkey and the person wants to benefit from the insurance in the country where he/she resides, he/she has to fulfill some procedures. These procedures are:

First of all, you should go to the dental clinic in the country where you live.

After the clinical examination, the dentist reports the treatment needed by the patient.

With the report, the person applies to his/her own insurance institution.

Along with the report, the institution informs the person how much he will pay for his treatment in total.

In the last stage, the person can perform his/her treatment in any place and country within the specified payment. The amount payable is the same everywhere. For this reason, people prefer suitable and quality alternatives.

Understanding Dental Insurance Covered

Many insurance companies accept implants among cosmetic applications and do not cover their costs. However, many people prefer implant treatment to have teeth instead of missing teeth. If you have both health and dental insurance, you may want to find out if it covers your treatment. If you have an insurance policy, you can check lists of treatments that are covered. By examining your policy, you can learn that all or a certain part of your treatment will be covered. As a matter of fact, all plans can be personalized. For this reason, contacting your insurer before starting your treatment will prevent you from experiencing any possible surprises. You can have general information about your company by asking the following questions:

  • Will the plan cover your implants?
  • At least what percentage of the application will your plan cover?
  • What are the limits of your annual insurance cost?

At the same time, the clinic from which you will purchase your treatment will contact your insurance company and carry out joint work. For this reason, it is recommended that you contact your insurer after your clinical examination.

Are Implants Covered By My Insurance?

In order to find out whether your insurance covers your implants, you must first have information about the details of your insurance. At this stage, it is also important whether you will have a full mouth or one or multiple teeth. The main procedures and policy coverages in implant application are as follows:

Tooth extraction: If your teeth are not healthy, this procedure is applied if they need to be extracted with the advice of a dentist. Therefore, it becomes one of the mandatory procedures in implant treatment. Many policies cover all or some of the costs of tooth extractions.

Bone graft: The jaw bones of some patients may not be in proper condition for treatment. In these cases, the bone grafting procedure is performed to strengthen the bone structure. Although it is an important practice, many institutions do not cover it in their policies.

Placement of screws: Placement of screws in the jaw is among the major applications. Some insurances cover 50% of such large applications. We recommend that you talk to your institution about whether your treatment will be covered.

Artificial tooth: Crowns that look and function natural teeth are considered among important procedures. Therefore, a certain amount or all of the treatment can be met.

Not All Dental Insurance Plans Cover Dental Implants

First of all, many insurance policies do not cover the implant procedure because they consider it among cosmetic procedures. Although implants are not only used for cosmetic purposes today, some insurance institutions have not yet updated their information. If your health policy covers the implant, you should have information about what exactly it covers at this stage.

As with all other dental treatments, the coverage of your policy depends on details and annual limits. Therefore, there can be large differences between plans. Since the differences between the plans are large, it is impossible to give a clear statement. In particular, it becomes difficult to give advice with global validity. For example, if you are told by the dentist that your teeth need to be extracted, your insurance may cover the tooth extraction.

If your insurance does not cover the implants; may include bridges, crowns or dentures. If you need to have bone grafting, your policy may cover it. If you have suffered tooth loss due to injury, your implants may be covered. You can request your insurance to pay for the cost of dentures or bridges.

It is very important to arrange your treatment within the validity and expiry date of your insurance so that you do not experience any unjust treatment.

Does Insurance Cover Dental Implant Surgery?

One of the most curious issues of people who want to receive implant treatment is whether their treatment is covered by insurance. Many insurance policies today cover a certain amount of major procedures such as dentures, crowns, bridges and implants. However, some policies only cover basic situations such as consultations, checkups and dental cleaning.

Depending on your insurance plan, the cost of the treatment you receive will be covered. For example, according to your plan, 80% or only 50% of the cost may be covered. In addition to all these, when examined in general, it is stated that the insurances do not cover the implants.

In some cases, the insurance company covers the bridge treatment. There are cases where the treatment coverage amount can be applied for implants in the same way. For example, if your insurance covers 50% of the bridge process, it may allow you to use the same amount for the implant. Bridge process is very affordable compared to implant applications. Although your insurance covers a certain cost, you will need to allocate a significant budget for your treatment. If you have a private health insurance, we recommend that you contact your insurance company to learn about its coverage.

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