Average Price for a Dental Implant

  • Average price of dental implant differs in direct proportion to the patient’s oral health, needs and the stages to be applied in implant treatment.
  • If your jawbone is in a suitable condition for implant treatment, the lowest implant price may apply to you, while any additional procedure may cause the price of October implant treatment to increase.
  • The examinations to be performed, the methods to be followed in the treatment, the materials to be used and finally the experience and expertise of your doctor will be effective in the price of the treatment.
  • The average price of dental implant can vary depending on many factors. The most important issue in dental treatment is that the screws fixed to the bone are made of materials that will ensure integration with the bone.
  • Treatments performed without using any of these materials can cause serious health problems in the long term. Titanium is the most commonly used material in implant dental treatment today. As an alternative to titanium; porcelain, cobalt, tantanium, polymer and various steel materials can also be used in the treatment.

Average Price for a Dental Implant

The average price of dental implant is one of the most researched topics. First of all, due to the nature of implant treatment, the cost cannot be created as if a standard filling determines the price. Implant prices, which have many and person-to-person variables, and the implant price calculation method are completely personalized. If it is necessary to list the factors that make up this cost;

  • Materials and characteristics to be used in the treatment of a person; such as being a domestic or imported product.
  • If the person’s jaw bones are not strong enough for implant treatment, there are special situations, such as whether a strengthening operation will be performed.
  • Duration of treatment.
  • The number of teeth to which implant treatment will be applied.
  • Support or additional treatments that can be done to eliminate problems that may also be noticed after starting treatment periot.
  • The average price of dental implant is determined by evaluating many conditions after a detailed examination.

Dental Implant Prices

The average price of dental implant may also differ according to the competition. There is quite a lot of competition in the implant market. The market, which is served by too many manufacturers, may also change the subject of implant price calculation. For this reason, it is also possible to come across implants with the highest quality production countries such as Germany, America, and China, Pakistan, whose quality is relatively lower, but the price is cheap. In other words, the main factor affecting the implant price calculation business is the production quality.

The implant, which is among the most advanced dental treatment methods, is both a more effective treatment method and Decently demanded with the permanent solutions it offers. For this reason, it is one of the most curious issues. Although compared to other treatment methods, implant prices may seem to be higher in cost, given its advantages such as being long-term and permanent; it is a fact that it covers this cost many and many times. To give an example of this; a filling procedure may need to be renewed after a while, or even if a filling is performed, new caries may occur at different points on the same tooth. The average price of dental implant, therefore, can be different for each situation.

How are Dental Implant Prices Determined?

  • Due to the competition in the dental implant sector, there are many implant manufacturers in the market. Among them, there are A Plus brands produced in Sweden, Germany and America, as well as very affordable, very cheap brands produced in countries such as China, Korea and Pakistan.
  • Clinics that provide an accessible warranty period usually prefer high-quality treatment methods that they can provide long-term guarantees to avoid problems in the future. This can also increase the cost of treatment. On the contrary, clinics that work to save the day may engage in a different search based on reducing the cost of treatment, which reduces the cost and warranty period. For this reason, we recommend that you choose a clinic that you can trust when choosing the clinic where you will have an implant.
  • In order for the most appropriate surgical procedure to be performed during implant treatment, the treatment should be performed by a professional and experienced team.
  • Over-implant prostheses are the most important factors affecting the success of implant treatment. When a correct prosthesis selection is not made, the life of implant screws is shortened. Implant prostheses have many varieties such as porcelain coating, zirconium coating, fixed prosthesis, movable prosthesis, screw prosthesis, glued prosthesis. Which type of prosthesis is preferred is one of the important factors affecting implant prices. The important thing here is to determine the right indication and choose the right type of prosthesis, regardless of the average price of dental implant or cheap expensive criteria.

Dental Implants and Insurance

The average price of dental implant is evaluated from many aspects. Dental treatment can be performed according to both patient demand and the treatment recommendations of our dentists. As a result of this treatment planning, treatment is also applied in order to prevent some health problems. The problems that we plan to prevent with implant treatment can be briefly summarized as follows:

  • Elimination of the melting condition that may occur in the jawbone in the event of the presence of a missing tooth in the mouth,
  • Eliminating the problems of the arrangement of intact teeth by eliminating the lack of molars,
  • Strengthening of the tooth body by eliminating the lack of teeth that are side by side,
  • Preventing damage to the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth.

Implant dental treatment can be performed in private clinics as well as in state-managed dental hospitals. The price of this treatment is more affordable in a public hospital. However, the metals that will be used during the implant treatment in these organizations are not precious metals. This situation may lead to problems in the future. The average price of dental implant can be made at more affordable prices with insurance.

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