Average Price of Dental Implants

Average price of dental implants varies depending on many factors.Oral care health is of great importance in terms of teeth. Teeth that are not taken precautions rot over time and have to be pulled out. Bridge and denture treatment methods have been used for missing teeth for a long time. Today, there is a more aesthetic and more permanent treatment method available. This method of treatment is called implant dental treatment.

Implants are titanium-made teeth that are placed in the jawbone to replace missing teeth. Dental prostheses prepared in sterile environments are placed on screws inserted into the bone. In order for implant treatment to be performed, it is necessary to have a suitable bone structure. Bone surgical procedures are also performed for unsuitable bones. Average price of dental implants,this whole process allows you to determine the implant price.

What is Average Price of Implants?

The average price of dental implants is one of the most frequently researched topics. Dental care needs to be done with the right methods for oral and dental health. When a tooth deficiency is found, implant treatments are needed for new teeth.

While domestic brand implant materials are more affordable, the prices of imported brand implant materials are higher. Oral and dental health, the quality of implant raw materials is important for the long life of the procedure. When calculating implant prices, the number as well as the type of material to be used is taken into account.

Calculations are made according to different criteria in implant applications, which is a dental treatment method defined as making new teeth instead of missing teeth. The factors affecting implant prices are as follows;

  • Implant brand,
  • Implant quality,
  • The experience of the dentist who will make the implant,
  • The structure of the clinic where the procedure will be performed,

Dentists examine the patient and determine the treatment fee by calculating the number of implants to be made according to the jaw structure. The average price of dental implants is determined in this way.

Dental Implant Costs

The average price of dental implants is different from each other. The reasons why implant prices are different are the criteria used when making calculations. The expertise of the physician and the pricing policy of the clinic are one of the most important reasons why implant prices differ.

One of the most important factors is the implant material quality. Since some materials are imported, they are calculated according to the exchange rate, and exchange rate changes cause their prices to change. Although the prices of high-quality implants are high, they are healthier, more aesthetic and last longer. The number of implants to be applied to a person is one of the most important factors that determine the prices and ensure that they are different.

Domestic or imported brand implant varieties are used in dental treatments. The price of each brand is different and patients can choose according to their budget or the types of procedures that need to be performed. Currently, there are more than 20 companies engaged in the production of implant materials.

The prices of normal implants and mini dental implants are also different from each other. Mini dental implants are more cost-effective because they are made with a smaller diameter and temporarily. Average price of dental implants, during the preliminary examinations of patients, it is determined how many teeth will be implanted for and the price calculation is made according to the number.

Is Dental Implant Expensive?

  • When determining the average price of dental implants, first of all, each of the implant manufacturer companies produces with different technologies. Each brand has differences in quality and characteristics. The implant brand affects the prices and the treatment prices are determined according to the production policy determined by the manufacturer.
  • It is important to prefer the products of quality brands in order to have healthy and permanent teeth. Patients are treated using the highest quality types of implants used worldwide in over-implant prosthesis treatments. The satisfaction of all patients after treatment is always kept at the highest level.
  • The price of one implant, excluding upper prosthesis and surgery costs, may vary depending on the condition of your mouth and jaw structure. In addition, in order to achieve successful results in implant applications, it may sometimes be necessary to perform other dental surgeries other than implant application.
  • For example, when there is not enough bone support in this area during the implant construction for a toothless cavity, bone reinforcement should be made to this area using graft material. The average price of dental implants,therefore the graft fee, should also be reflected in the price of implant treatment in this way.

How Long Does Dental Implant Last?

The average price of dental implants may be different for each clinic.While the implant tooth price information is shown, it is stated that it makes a difference according to the quality of the material to be used. The service life of new teeth made with high-quality implant materials is shown as an average of 25 years. In order for the implants to last longer, attention should be paid to oral hygiene after treatment and regular maintenance should be performed. Gum and jaw bone diseases will negatively affect the life of implant teeth. After each treatment, patients are told how to do daily dental care and what to pay attention to. Those who have experienced tooth loss understand the importance of the newly made implant tooth and take care of it accordingly.

Oral health should be taken into account before implant treatments and it should be ensured that intraoral infections do not occur. Oral and dental care should be performed regularly before treatment. Before starting the implant procedures, it is determined whether the jawbone is suitable for the implant. Procedures are carried out to ensure that it becomes appropriate. A test is performed on the patient because the patient will be anesthetized before the implant procedures. A break from eating and drinking is taken the night before and the patient is prepared for treatment. The average price of dental implants changes with the good management of this process.

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