Cost of a Dental Implant

Cost of a dental implant, its policy varies. There are many elements for this;

  • The patient’s age and jaw structure
  • The bone structure in the area where the implant will be made
  • The quality of the material used in the prosthesis and screw
  • The knowledge and experience of the dentist

Prices vary depending on these elements. A different pricing can be made for everyone. Cost of a dental implant , quality is also important. The implant made of titanium material is the most compatible with the tooth it is the material. The tooth adapts in a short time and there are no problems with the jaw structure for this, the treatment process needs to be done correctly and appropriately. The upper part of the implant with prosthesis and zirconium the part is attached at the last stage and the treatment process is completed.

How is the Cost of a Dental Implant?

The cost of a dental implant can vary depending on many factors. The decussation is an important structure that holds the jawbone together. After losing a tooth, if long-term implant treatment is not performed, bone loss occurs in that area. Since the implant cannot be placed in case of bone loss, the bone must be enlarged in the area where the implant will be placed. For this reason, having an implant done immediately after tooth loss has a positive effect on the prices of implant treatment.

For similar reasons, artificial bone powder is used in the area where the implant will be made, in cases where the bone structure, size, level and density of the bone are insufficient. Graft, membrane and tissue adhesives imported from abroad are expensive materials and are factors that increase the implant treatment fee.

In addition, in terms of bone structure, the necessity of using implants whose surface properties are improved and manufactured with higher technology will increase the treatment fees. The cost of a dental implant is expressed in this way.

Is Dental Implant Expensive?

The cost of a dental implant is quite convenient. It is one of the most commonly used dental treatment methods. Quality it needs to be done using materials. This treatment is available in many countries and in many clinics method is performed successfully. Protection of oral health and long-term durability the quality of the prosthesis is also very important for it to be. In some cases, zirconium is also applied. Quality implants manufactured using materials and titanium adapt to the tooth in a short time. There are many factors at stake for pricing. These factors constitute the pricing. Therefore, a different price can be set for each tooth structure.

Your tooth prices also vary depending on the structure and the number of implants to be made. Different for each method pricing is being made. There may also be an additional fee for bone powder. Cost of a dental implant, quality is more important. Clinical and material quality before dental implant treatment a good research should be done to get detailed information about it. Using high-quality materials the implants produced stay in the mouth for a very long time in a durable way. Teeth regularly by being examined by a physician, it can be detected early in case of any problems.

The Most Suitable Dental Implant

  • The most important factor affecting the cost of a dental implant is the quality of the service, in other words, the quality of the labor. Since dentistry is a field of self-employment and service sector as well as a public service, each dentist or specialist dentist determines the prices of dental treatment that he will apply in accordance with the general criteria related to service sector pricing.
  • Although the implant is perceived as a simple dental screw made of titanium or zirconium, the production of implants requires a high technology, large investments, innovation and support to provide this technology.
  • When the cost of a dental implant is on the agenda, it is observed that there is a single implant brand and a single implant price perception in the vast majority of society. However, this general perception is not correct. Because, it is known that more than very companies in the world produce dental implants, and it is estimated that about of these companies are also active in Turkey through official and unofficial ways.
  • Implant brands determine their prices within the framework of general price determination criteria, taking into account their costs. When determining implant brands’ prices, they make pricing by taking into account issues such as where the implant is produced, the money spent on, the cost of the technology used in production, the service network and the success of serving their products and the cost of employment they make for it. The cost of a dental implant is directly reflected in the overall cost of implant treatment.


Dental Implant Prices

Cost of a dental implant,there are serious price differences between companies and brands that use advanced technology, have laboratories, publish long-term case studies and scientific studies that reflect past experiences of high innovation ability to their new products, and implants that are produced in places where even the origin cannot be determined and that copy the implants of successful brands, have insufficient service network and have questionable permanence in Turkey. The cost of a dental implant is high, there are serious price differences between companies and brands with high innovation ability that reflect their past experience to their new products. Cost of a dental implant is high, laboratories, long-term case follow-ups and scientific studies.

In the area where the implant will be made, the bone structure, the size, level and density of the bone are very important. In case of insufficiency, it is necessary to create a healthy bone structure. In order to create a healthy bone structure, it may be necessary to perform block bone transport operations to the patient’s jaw from a different location. Long-term follow-up of cases with such operations are elements that increase implant treatment fees.

In addition, the placement of an implant in the jawbone is a surgical procedure, albeit a small one. As with all surgical procedures, it is very important that the environment is sterile and the materials used are disposable materials in implant surgery. These materials used in implant surgery, along with the success in implant treatment, also increase the price of the implant. The cost of a dental implant can be specified in this way.

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