Dental Implant Crown

Dental Implant crown is applied to eliminate the damage caused to the area where the treatment will be applied, based on the firm standing of the root of the teeth in many respects. In the classical method of this treatment, also called Crown, it is used by attaching the appropriate prosthesis to the upper part of the implant.

Veneer or crown is used in many dental treatments. Especially during the implant treatment process, the appropriate crown is installed after screwing. Nowadays, and especially thanks to the developing technological possibilities of recent years, materials such as laminated and zirconium can also be used. After the most suitable material for the tooth structure is preferred, it is prepared for the tooth in a suitable way and placed in the mouth.

When it comes to missing teeth, the implant comes across as an indispensable alternative. Implant teeth are offered as an alternative to traditional bridge and prosthesis methods in terms of both health and aesthetics of people. The most important factors in implant treatment are the sterile environment and physician knowledge.The dental Implant crown is also important in this regard.

In addition, saying that it is one of the treatment methods with the closest appearance to a natural tooth today can also be a serious answer to the question of what is implantation. However, it can also be mentioned about the types of implants, but the most commonly used form today is the screw form.

What is a Dental Implant Crown?

The dental implant crown is made with an advanced technology.Thanks to the dental crown technology, which is often used today, by using different types of dental veneers, the bad image created by problems such as fractures, cracks and caries that occur in the tooth can be eliminated. In addition, the problem of yellowing of teeth can also be solved. Thanks to this method, the teeth can get a very aesthetic appearance.

One of the most important issues that is paid attention to when making a dental implant crown is naturalness. This condition, which is mostly concerned with the coating of the front teeth, increases the self-confidence of the person who has a tooth coating and provides a more beautiful image. Dental implant crown creates very healthy results visually as well.

Many materials and equipment are needed when dental treatments are performed. In particular, there are programs offered in many test and X-ray services in treatment packages. Dentists use the appropriate materials and equipment for patients. After the examination, it is decided which treatment is more appropriate. In addition, the patient should be informed about the treatment process.

Features of Dental Implant Crown

Dental implant crown adapts to dental technology in many ways. It has many features.

  • Dental implant crown is generally known as white alloys, whose use has become widespread instead of gray metals, which are the substructure of porcelain bridges and prostheses.
  • The dental crown has a structure and color similar to the tooth structure. It is placed on top of the screw part in implant treatment.
  • Crown, thanks to the ingredients it has, it is known that the crystal is long-lasting and indestructible. In addition to its strength and durability, zirconium is compatible with the human body, and its use in the medical field is becoming more and more widespread.
  • Materials that are most suitable for the tooth structure, texture and color should be preferred. Thus, more positive solutions are offered both visually and in terms of oral health.

Materials that are most suitable for the tooth structure, texture and color should be preferred. Thus, more positive solutions are offered both visually and in terms of oral health. The medical sector is developing every passing year. Dental treatments are also applied for this reason, new methods are applied in accordance with technology. In cases where there is a lack of teeth, an implant, which is one of the most suitable methods for new technology, is applied. The dental crown is also applied at this stage.

How is Dental Implant Crown Made?

Dental implant crown is applied to the patient with many stages.As with any treatment method, implant treatment requires a detailed examination and control sequence before. Your doctor makes preliminary preparations by applying the procedures he deems necessary. At the same time, the necessary measurements are taken during this examination. These are the measurements of the jawbone and the remaining teeth. Then, medication is given by the physician to the patient for sedation, that is, for the control of reflexes.

Depending on the patient’s condition, implant treatment can proceed in two different ways. In single-stage procedures, a temporary cap is attached immediately after the implant is inserted. In two-stage procedures, after the implant is inserted, it is closed with the gum and the wound is allowed time to heal. This is a condition that only your doctor can decipher, but in both methods a temporary bridge is placed and a recovery time of 3-6 months is allowed depending on the case.

Dental Implant Crown Procedure

Dental implant crown is used in treatment. There are other methods known to be used in the treatment of missing teeth. Bridge treatment comes first of all, but bridge and implant are not the same thing. As the most obvious difference, in cases where bridge treatment is preferred, it may be that the teeth around the missing tooth are not healthy. At this point, your doctor should again decide on the most correct form of treatment.

Nevertheless, it is known that implant treatment is more advantageous compared to other methods because it is more useful in the long term. In addition, conditions such as fracture or displacement of the prosthesis may be observed in patients who have undergone a bridge over time. But of course, your dentist will decide on the preferred method, and every correctly performed procedure will be beneficial for you in the long run.

The details specified between the bridge and the implant are as follows. In both of them, the dental implant crown is applied instead of the tooth, but the crown applied on top of the implant provides a better image thanks to the way the implant is made.


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