Dental Implant Full Set

Dental implant full set consists of many materials and materials. The implant is made of titanium, which is the most suitable material for the tooth structure. Especially the screw part consists of solid materials. There are implant sets during the treatment. These kits are used during the treatment phase. An implant is an artificial tooth root used to treat tooth deficiency. Implants placed in the jawbone serve as a tooth root.

A prosthesis is made on the implant, where the full connection process with the jawbone is completed. Dental implants are made of titanium material that is compatible with the body. Implant teeth are called screw teeth.

Many materials and equipment are needed when dental treatments are performed. Especially in treatment packages, there are programs offered in many test and X-ray services. Dentists use the appropriate materials and equipment for patients.

What is a Dental Implant Full Set?

The dental implant full set allows the use of many materials during treatment. Many equipment are used by dentists when making implants. Supporting metals, such as screws, dentures or zirconium. These materials are used during the implant construction stages.

  • First of all, the patient is examined and X-rayed before the implants are made.
  • The necessary measurements are taken about the tooth. Local anesthesia is used during the installation of implants. Only the area where the implant will be made is numbed.
  • Implant application; pain is a procedure that does not cause pain. Taking the prescribed medications before the operation, using antiseptic mouthwashes after the procedure and good oral care; increases patient comfort during and after the procedure. The dental full set is the complete set of methods and materials used in all of these stages.

Dental Implant Full Set Contents

Dental implant full set is used during the construction of treatment. If it is necessary to talk about the implant content, the implant must form a connection with the jawbone in order to maintain the tooth root function for a long time. The duration of decoupling of this attachment is between 3-6 months. In other words, a certain period of time must elapse depending on your jawbone in order for the prosthesis to be attached to the implant.

In cases where the jawbone is sufficient for implant application, the implant infrastructure is placed first. There may be slight swelling for the first 3 days. The stitches are removed at the end of the first week. After that, 3 months are waited for the implant bone connection to be completed without any procedure. at the end of 3 months, if the single-stage implant system has not been used, a gum shaping screw is attached to the implant. Then the prosthesis process is started.

Depending on the number of prostheses, this period may take 1-2 weeks. The duration differs in cases where the jawbone is insufficient and additional bone augmentation procedures are performed. Your dentist also matches the color of the new teeth with your natural teeth. Since the implant is fixed to the jawbone, it looks and functions like your own natural teeth.The dental implant full set provides many therapeutic contributions thanks to its content.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implant full set, Temporary teeth made during implant treatment can solve the problem of toothlessness experienced in the process until the implant – bone connection is realized. Only in the days immediately after the operation, it is recommended not to install temporary teeth due to the presence of wounds in the mouth. The life of the implants can last a lifetime in proportion to the patient’s good oral care if the connection with the jawbone has been successfully realized and a suitable prosthesis has been made on it.

Dental implants look like your own teeth and create a natural dental feeling for you. Moreover, they are permanent because they are designed to fuse with bone.

It should be noted in more detail that when it comes to the look and feel, the only difference between dental implants and real teeth is that there are no real teeth.

  • In case of unsuitable dentures, the teeth may slip in the mouth and cause incorrect pronunciation. Implants allow you to speak without worrying that the teeth may slip.
  • The roots of your teeth are attached to your jaw like the root of a tree. When you lose a tooth, a gap remains where the root is located, and these roots are reconstructed with the implant application.
  • Traditional dentures often slip and make it difficult for you to enjoy chewing. Dental implants function like your natural teeth and allow you to enjoy eating your favorite foods without feeling any extra effort or pain. It allows for better bite force than a person with traditional false teeth.
  • Dental implants can give your smile back and help you feel better about yourself. A dental implant full set is an advantage in this respect.

Dental Implant Full Set Prices

Dental implant full set is used during the implant construction stage. One of the issues that the person who wants to have an implant is most curious about is what the implant price is. Since implant prices also vary depending on the implant brand and the infrastructure of the implant, an exact pricing cannot be made. The pricing of implant treatment will change according to the implant brand that the person will prefer and that will be directed by a specialist dentist.

Implant prices vary as a result of the physicians’ determinations as a result of the examination of patients. The number of missing teeth of the patient, existing problems in the dental structure, the structure of the patient’s jawbone, the center where the procedure will be performed and many other factors affect the implant treatment fees.

Another issue that should be considered is the direct impact of the superstructure material on pricing. The increase in the aesthetic appearance of the prosthesis to be made also increases the costs in an upward direction.

In some cases, due to variable economic reasons, the costs of zirconium and metal backed crowns have also increased significantly. The increase in these non-clinical costs affects the total implant cost. A dental implant full set can be explained in this way.


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