Dental Implant Healing Stages

Dental implant healing stages consist of many different processes. The healing process after the implant varies depending on the size of the operation site, the number of screws inserted, the surgical technique and how you manage this process. If a single implant was made, the healing time of a complex case with bone powder will not be the same as the time it takes for the wound to heal, as fewer places are affected. For example, after a simple implant surgery that has a healthy bone structure and is placed in the necessary dental cavity that does not require any grafting, there is little or no pain, swelling or discomfort.

You can return to work immediately the next day, manage the process with a few days of soft diet and good wound care. Dental implant healing stages, The recovery time depends on the number of implants you have had. The recovery times of single implants, multiple implants or all on 4 implants vary. Simply put, the higher the number of implants, the longer the healing process.

What are Dental Implant Healing Stages?

Although dental implant healing stages are a long-term adventure that can take months, the diagnosable recovery period for the patient is quite short. We can divide the healing process into two as the closing time of the surgical wound and the period of fusion of the bone with the implant. On the second and third day after surgery, your body will continue to heal itself, but you should also pay attention to your oral health during this process.

  • You may see a greenish-yellowish discoloration or bruising around the treated areas, although this is quite normal, it is expected to last no more than 2-3 days.You can apply moist heat to the area to reduce discoloration.
  • Symptoms such as dry lips, sore throat and feeling stiffness in the jaw muscles are quite normal and should pass after about 2-3 days.
  • During the healing process, soft foods should be preferred, spicy and acidic foods that are difficult to chew should be avoided. Dental implant healing stages can be accelerated by consuming soft foods.

Implant Recovery Time

Dental implant healing stages, During a typical post-implant healing process, there may be slight swelling that lasts for several days, whining that can be controlled with simple painkillers, and sometimes bruising. These situations were quite normal.When you regularly use the medications that your doctor will recommend, you will go through this process quite easily. Within about a week, the injured areas heal harmoniously with each other. If applications such as bone powder, sinus lift have been performed together with implant application, swelling and discomfort may be a little more. Implant stitches are removed within about 7-10 days.

If you are more comfortable when eating or talking, soft tissue healing is completed between about 4-7 days. After this time, there will be no disturbing factor for you, except for the threads moving in the mouth. Implant sutures, on the other hand, take about 7-10 days, but Deconstruction of the implant with bone may take between 2-4 months. Dental implant healing stages, healing in this process can be accelerated by following the rules.

After the Implant Is Performed

Dental implant healing stages, You need to take care and care of your dental implants just like your real teeth. Cleaning with dental floss in addition to regular brushing will extend the life of the implant.

  • Implants that are sensitive to wear and tear, the better they are cared for, the longer they will last. The health of your gums is directly proportional to the health of the jawbone that will support the implant, so you need to keep your gums healthy during the implant healing process.
  • Tobacco and tobacco products can damage the healing process of your implant. Smoking causes infection and prevents the wound from healing. Especially since it allows the growth of bacteria in the mouth, smoking should be completely stopped for the first week after the procedure.
  • After the implant treatment, it will be necessary to take care of nutrition for a few months and pay attention. During this time, which is the period of fusion of the titanium implant to the jawbone, it is necessary to consume soft foods that are not hot or cold, so that the stability of the implant is not damaged.
  • Soft foods such as cheese at room temperature, soups, fruit juices, soft-cooked eggs, yogurt, soft meat, sometimes milk, ice cream with or without fruit, warm custard and only the inner part of bread can be consumed. Since nutritional foods are restricted, vitamin and mineral needs can be met from freshly squeezed fruit juices, berries, grapefruit, oranges, kiwi fruits. Dental implant healing stages, you should pay attention to nutrition during this process.


Dental Implants Should Be Considered

Dental implant healing stages, the necessary attention should be paid to oral care during the healing process, cleaning should not be neglected for fear of something happening. It is useful to rinse the mouth with warm salt water at December intervals for the first 24 hours after the procedure. Do not use mouthwash or peroxide mouthwash instead of this water. You should be careful when spitting, avoid sudden mouth movements. You can start brushing your teeth slightly after the first 24 hours. Using the medications prescribed by your doctor is very important for a successful recovery. Dental implant healing stages should be very hygienic.

After the operation, after the removal of the gauze, it can be fed with soft foods. You should avoid using straws and hot meals for the first 24 hours. After the first 2 days, you can decide for yourself the foods you need to eat according to the pain condition. Since eating too hard foods can damage the wound area, you can expect the soft tissue healing to be completed.

Pain may be felt for the first few days after surgical intervention. This is a condition that is normally expected by physicians. Painkillers and antibiotics given by the dentist after surgery should be taken regularly on the hour and day. Even if the pain goes away, pain medications should continue to be used until the scheduled day. Because painkillers can also be used for some time due to their swelling-reducing properties, in addition to their pain-relieving properties. If a mouthwash has been given by a physician, it should be applied as directed and at the time. Mouthwash can be harmful at first. Dental implant healing stages can be specified in this way.

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