Dental Implant Screw

Dental implant screw forms the root part of the implant. As an implant material, it consists of several different materials. The root section is applied in the form of inserting a screw instead of the root, like a real tooth, where the gum integrates with the bone. These screws are composed of titanium, which is suitable for the actual tooth structure. The quality of titanium and other materials must be good. Implant quality is determined by taking into account the brand and other elements. Implants with good brand and quality remain durable for longer.

Dental implant screw is the screwing stage, which is the first applied stage in the treatment process. This is one of the most important stages for the application. Implant treatment is important for maintaining the health and function of the surrounding teeth and the entire chewing system.With implant treatment, a tooth is obtained in the form of a natural tooth that performs aesthetic and chewing functions, while the displacement of the surrounding teeth into the lost tooth cavity is prevented.

In addition, bone loss that may occur over time in the toothless area formed after tooth extraction is also prevented by implant placement.Dental implant screw is important at this stage.In cases where there is a lack of a single tooth or more than one tooth, the teeth adjacent to the toothless area are cut and reduced during the construction of a fixed prosthesis. With implant treatment, neighboring teeth that do not need restoration are not damaged, do not need to be cut and reduced.

How is Dental Implant Screw Applied?

Dental implant screw is used in the implant treatment process. They are artificial titanium tooth roots that are placed in the jawbone to replace teeth lost for various reasons. Implants provide better speech and chewing function than traditional coatings and prostheses, while also bringing a natural appearance to your face. The implant is a comfortable and reliable application. The operation can be performed with local anesthesia without any pain and discomfort.

  • The implant operation is performed by specialist dentists with the planning that will be most suitable for the patient. Before the operation, the teeth and jaw area are stimulated with local anesthesia.
  • With appropriate surgical instruments, the slots where the implant will be applied are opened and the implant is placed in these slots. In the stitched implant procedure, an incision is opened to the gum part to reach the bone and screwing is performed. After the implant is placed, the operation in this area is completed by sewing.
  • The complete completion of the operation process varies up to 3 months depending on the patient and the number of implants to be applied. It is expected that the implant, which is inserted for approximately 15 – 40 minutes, will integrate with the jawbone, and then the dental prosthesis will be completed with the coating material. Dental implant screw is preferred at these stages.


Features of Dental Implant Screw

Dental implant screw, an implant can be made by evaluating the general health status of anyone with bone in the thickness, height and quality in which the implant can be placed. Insufficient bone volume, some chronic diseases and the presence of habits may create obstacles for implant application. ,Implant application is risky in some patient groups and may affect the treatment outcome. However, implant placement may be possible depending on the degree and severity of their condition and in consultation with the patient’s medical doctor.

  • Dental implant screw is composed of titanium, which is one of the most suitable materials for dental structure.
  • The screw is quite strong. It does not come out after it is placed in the root of the tooth.
  • Provides an advantage in the implant construction process.

Due to the advantages it provides, it is also often used by dentists. Screws, prosthesis and support materials are very important during the implant construction phase.

Advantages of Dental Implant Screw

Dental implant screw, they contribute to the treatment process.Dental implants look like real teeth and create a natural dental feeling. Moreover, they are permanent because they are designed to fuse with bone.To elaborate a little more, when it comes to the look and feel, the only difference between dental implants and real teeth is that there are no real teeth Decals.

In case of unsuitable dentures, the teeth may slip in the mouth and cause incorrect pronunciation. Dental implants allow you to speak without worrying that the teeth may slip. Dental implant screw is the factor in this case.When a tooth is missing, a gap remains where the root is located, and these roots are reconstructed with the implant application.

Ordinary, old bridgesheets often slip and make it difficult for you to get the taste of chewing. Dental implants function like your natural teeth and allow you to enjoy eating your favorite foods without feeling any extra effort or pain. It allows for better biting force than a person with ordinary false teeth.Dental implants can give your smile back and help you feel better about yourself. The dental implant screw is not affected by biting.

Dental Implant Screw Recovery Stages

Dental implant screw is preferred during the construction stages of treatment.

After the implant is inserted, screws are placed that will remain on the implant during the recovery period, and the recovery period is expected. After the osseointegration period is completed, prosthesis treatment, which is the second stage, is started. Screw quality and brand are very important in this process. As an implant brand, it is useful to choose implant systems that attach importance to research studies, have been successful in the long term, have no shortage of technical support and offer sufficient options for prosthetic superstructure.

However, the success of implant application is also related to the patient’s recovery potential, smoking, the state of oral hygiene, the presence of systemic diseases that may affect recovery, such as diabetes, and the surgical skill of the physician. Screw dental implant consists of solid and high-quality materials thanks to its content.

It is aimed to ensure the best oral hygiene immediately before the procedure. The first stage for treatment is to place the implant in the jawbone. Dental implant screw made of titanium are placed in the jaw and it is expected that the implant will unite with the jaw for a period of approximately 1-3 months. Then the second stage is passed. In the second stage, dental material is placed on the titanium screws.Zirconium or porcelain teeth are designed according to the suitability and the patient’s demand. With these prosthetic teeth, a rehearsal is performed on the patient primarily by gluing or screwing methods.


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