Dental Implant Titanium

Dental implant titanium, usually dental implants, trauma, caries, endodontic or periodontal pathologies are objects made of titanium and its alloys, usually in the form of roots or screws, which function as a tooth root by being placed on the jaw bones with the technique of atraumatic surgery to compensate for missing teeth that are found and lost due to indications of attraction. The state of fusion of dental implants to bone is called osseointegration.

  • It is durable and long-lasting. A well-made zirconium coating will be no different from a healthy natural tooth. It is highly resistant to abrasion.
  • Patients with metal allergies can easily use zirconium crowns, and the taste of metal in the mouth is not felt like other metal-containing c
  • No staining and yellowing: It is quite durable compared to other crowns.
  • There is also no need for a special maintenance routine for dental implant titanium. As a result of regular application of your daily oral care, you can use it in a healthy way for life.
  • The implant is more recommended by dentists both because of the materials it contains and because of its appearance. In particular, the choice of titanium material provides a lot of advantages to the patient. It is durable for a long time and does not break easily, nor does it stay in the mouth for many years.

What is Titanium Dental Implant?

Dental implant titanium is a durable material, just like titanium and zirconium used in treatment. For this reason, we can say that the life of implants is extremely long. One of the elements that patients are curious about what an implant is may be how long it lasts. The mechanical resistance of titanium and zirconium to breakage or bending is extremely high. For this reason, we should note that implants can be used for more than 30 years, even for a lifetime.

In addition, the element that every patient should know about dental implant titanium is that oral and dental health and cleanliness should not be neglected. Because in cases such as neglect of dental health, failure to go for regular dental checkups, the service life of implants, like other teeth in the mouth, can also be negatively affected.

When using the implant, smoking or alcohol should not be consumed. These habits are as harmful to implants as they are to real teeth. It can cause damage both on the surface and in the content. When implants are regularly cared for, they remain durable for many years.

Features of Dental Implant Titanium

Although there is basically a single dental implant titanium element, the fact that each company processes this element with the unique technologies of each brand and gives it quality are separate factors. Although there are thousands of implant brands on the market, not every dental implant titanium is of the same quality. We can basically compare it to cars. Although iron and steel are the same everywhere, the car produced by each company is very, very different from each other.

Therefore, one of the points to be considered when making an implant is the quality of the material to be used.Dental implant titanium, the company should be well researched and made by reliable people.

  • It’s durable for a long time.
  • It is very compatible with the actual tooth structure.
  • There is no feeling of heaviness in the mouth.
  • It integrates with the gum and jawbone to give a real tooth feeling.

Because of the opportunities it provides, dentists also recommend titanium-supported implants to patients. Due to its rapid adaptation to the dental tissue, it provides convenience in both the treatment and healing process. After the examination, the dentist can answer your questions by providing detailed information about the subject.

Advantages of Dental Implant Titanium

Dental implant titanium is preferred in terms of material and because it is suitable for the tooth structure. The fact that the materials used have high strength properties ensures that the life of the implants is also very long. Because one of the reasons why the issue of implant and titanium quality has been raised for a large number of patients is that the treatment can be used for a long time. Currently, implants are shown to be the best treatment option for tooth loss.

Dental bridges or removable dentures may also be preferred. The implant preference is more due to titanium. However, when a comparison is made at the point of comfortable use, it can also be stated that the implant is a more attractive option for patients. For patients of any age, the issue of dental implant titanium brands and reliability may be raised and treatment may be applied. The stages of construction are as follows;

  • An implant socket forms in this area immediately after the extraction of a completely dysfunctional tooth.
  • A piece of the root that forms the base of the implant is placed in this created slot.
  • The time taken for the root section to fully settle varies from patient to patient, but the average is 3-5 months.
  • There are no teeth in this area of the patients’ mouths until the end of this period. after 3 to 5 months, when sufficient bone resorption is achieved, the upper part of the implant is made.

Dental Implant Titanium Prices

Dental implant titanium is one of the important treatments of period applied for single tooth or multiple tooth deficiencies.

  • Bone condition in the area to be applied
  • The degree of difficulty of the surgical operation
  • Implant material
  • The type of dental prosthesis to be applied in the superstructure

However, the factor that affects the pricing the most is the implant material. There are many implant brands available today and their costs vary. Korsan, German, Swiss,  products are the most preferred. The choice is decided by the patient and the dentists according to factors such as intra-bone retention, the effect it provides on prosthesis construction, long-term use of the patient.

Another issue that should be considered is the direct impact of the superstructure material on pricing. The increase in the aesthetic appearance of the prosthesis to be made also increases the costs in an upward direction.Dental implant titanium can be explained in this way.


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