Dental Implants Average Cost

Dental implants average cost have changed the lives of many edentulous people since they were discovered. Thanks to implants with natural tooth appearance and function, tooth loss is no longer a problem. Because they are very comfortable compared to dentures, they are among the first choices of people who have lost their teeth. This is why many people wonder about the dental implants average cost.

In case of tooth loss, the dentist offers several treatment methods to the patients. These methods are usually dentures, bridges and dental implants. Among these methods, implants are the most effective and comfortable. It is used for life with very little maintenance. Although it is among the costly treatments, it is among the applications that increase the quality of life. In this study, we gave you detailed information about the dental implants average cost.

What is the Average Cost of Dental Implants?

The average cost of dental implants varies depending on many reasons. Implants consisting of screws, abutments and crown parts are usually made of titanium or zirconium. Before starting treatment, dentists have to perform some procedures. These procedures are among the factors that determine the average cost. Points such as how many teeth the patient is missing, the current state of the gingiva and bone, and the experience of the dentist determine the average cost.

The main factors that determine the average cost are:

Experience: The more knowledgeable and experienced the dentist is in the field, the more he or she charges for treatment. Working with experienced physicians minimizes the risks during treatment. Therefore, in order to avoid costs, it is necessary to avoid choosing inexperienced dentists.

Material: Implants are usually made of precious metals such as zirconium and titanium. Average prices may vary depending on the material from which the screw is charged.

Procedures: In order for the dentist to apply the right treatment plan, some procedures are required. If the patient’s gingiva and jawbone are not suitable for implant treatment, some treatments should be done first. These treatments include tooth extraction, sinus elevation, bone grafting.

Laboratory Works: A crown part that will act as a natural tooth is added to the implant. This piece is designed in color and shape to match the patient’s other teeth. The average wage will vary depending on the lab the dentist works in.

Location: The location of the clinic is another important factor affecting the average cost. For example, if the clinic is located in an upscale neighborhood, the cost of your treatment may be higher. For this reason, you will need to pay attention to the location of the clinic you choose.

Personal Situations: Implants are among the personalized treatments. Every patient’s needs are different. For this reason, the total cost of the treatment is determined according to the person’s oral and dental condition.

Single Tooth Implant Cost

Implants are among the treatments frequently preferred by people with missing teeth. The average costs of single implants vary depending on the type of implant. Implants consist of 3 separate parts in total. These parts are; screw, abutment and crown parts. Each of them can be charged separately. Therefore, there is no mention of a single fee. While domestic implants produced in Turkey are more affordable, imported ones may be more expensive.

The screw section is mounted on the jawbone where the patient’s missing tooth is located. A section called abutment is added on the screw. On the abutment, a crown piece that will function as a natural tooth is added. The price of each is calculated separately. If the patient’s bone tissue is not suitable, graft and sinus lift procedures should be performed. A fee is charged for these transactions. Dolar kuruna bağlı olarak tek implant tedavisinin ortalama maliyeti farklılık göstermektedir.

Multiple and Full Tooth Implant Cost

If the patient does not have many or no teeth in his mouth, he or she should have a multiple or full mouth dental implant. Multiple and full mouth implant treatments are expensive. The most important factor that determines the cost of the treatment is the amount of implant. As the amount increases, the average dental implant fee also increases. Since more than one tooth will change, the type of implant is freely determined. A suitable plan is prepared by the dentist depending on the patient’s tooth and gum condition.

In multiple dental treatments, usually 3 or 4 tooth cavities are filled at the same time. For example, if the patient has 4 missing teeth in total, only 2 implants fill the four tooth spaces with bridges. Thanks to the bridge, the total cost is reduced by half.

In full mouth implant application, the price range will be more costly. The most expensive option would be to apply a single implant for each tooth. In this way, adequately healthy teeth are protected. If there are no healthy teeth in the patient’s mouth, implant supported prostheses will be prepared. 4 to 6 implants will be placed in both jaws separately. Thanks to the supported prostheses, the patient will have natural teeth with an aesthetic appearance.

Additional Costs of Dental Implants

The total cost of implant treatments varies depending on different reasons. In some cases, additional costs arise apart from implant fees. For example, the treatment process may be more difficult in some patients. The parts to be used on the patient may be different. Depending on the patient’s allergies, more expensive materials may need to be used.

Although all implants are usually made of titanium or zirconium, there is a gap in prices due to different brands. Established brands are priced higher, while newly produced brands are cheaper.

While determining the average dental implant fee, the dentist charges for his own labor. For this reason, the fee demanded by two different dentists who are experts in their fields after the treatment varies.

In the treatments applied in Turkey, the cost of the implants is calculated in foreign currency. Price changes in foreign exchange are one of the most important factors affecting the average cost.


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