Dental Implants Before and After

Before and after dental implants photos are becoming popular internet searches every day. Many people who want to get dental implant treatment want to predict how they will look after the treatment by researching their dental implants before and after processes.

Those who wish for a single tooth can get implant treatment for all their teeth. At this stage, a preliminary examination by the dentist is required. If the dentist deems it appropriate, you can have aesthetic and natural-looking teeth on the same day. You can get an idea about the past practices of the dentist by looking at the before and after photos of the dentists. For example, if you like a patient’s new teeth, you can tell your dentist that you want the same.

Dentists perform photo shoots to present their catalogs to people. By taking a look at the stunning photos, you can clarify that implants will be the right option for you. You can have an idea about how even a single implant will radically change your smile. If you don’t have any teeth, you can visualize how you would look with aesthetically pleasing white teeth.

Dental Implants Before and After Pictures

If you have not decided whether implant treatment is the right option for you, taking a look at some images may help you decide. Dental implants before and after photos will be very effective in terms of a positive result of your decision. For this reason, many people make sure of their decisions by looking at the photos before and after dental implants before starting their treatment.

By looking at the dental implants before and after photos, you can see people with aesthetic, natural-looking smiles. You can see single tooth, multiple tooth and full mouth implant applications in the before and after photos. You can clearly see the difference patients go through in the photos. Seeing after implants increases people’s living standards and self-confidence.

How is Implant Treatment Applied?

After the dentist decides that the person is suitable for implant treatment after the examination, the transition to the stage of applying the procedures is made. First of all, x-rays are taken to examine the patient’s jawbones and tooth roots. Afterwards, it is decided which implant types are suitable for the patient. Since the treatment is specific to the patient, it is very important to plan meticulously at this stage.

Dental implants before and after are prepared specifically for the patient. The type of implants used is important for the successful outcome of the treatment. Unhealthy teeth are extracted. After the necessary hygiene studies are completed, the spaces where the screws will be placed are opened to the jawbone. Screws are inserted. Screws are covered. The cut gingiva is stitched together. All procedures are completed after suturing. Depending on the patient’s bone condition, it is expected that the bone and screws will fuse within 1 to 3 months. It is vital to follow the dentist’s recommendations for the successful completion of the healing process.

What Should Be Done Before Implant Application?

Before starting the implant treatment, the patient’s health status should be checked to make it clear that he is the right candidate. A tomography is performed in order to see the current state of the mouth and jawbone of the dentist who is a specialist in the field. Thanks to the x-ray, the health of the patient’s jawbone is evaluated. If it is suitable for the implant, treatment can be started even on the same day.

The dentist determines the type of implant that should be used on the patient. Since there are many implant types and sizes, it is very important to choose the right options at this stage. In these procedures where planning is made, the patient is informed about how he will look after the treatment. At the same time, all the details of the treatment are informed to the patient by the dentist. All details are shared with the person so that he or she does not encounter any negativity.

If the patient has tooth extraction, extraction procedures are performed. After the teeth are extracted, it is time to place the implants. After the sterilization studies are completed, the application phase is started.

After the hygiene studies are completed, the dentist surgically reveals the jawbone of the determined area in the patient’s jaw. After opening the gaps, the screws are installed. The attached screws are covered. The opened gums are stitched. The recovery period is an average of 2 months. Recovery time varies depending on the person’s jawbone and the type of implant used.

Things to Consider After Implant Procedure

Following are the points that people should pay attention to after implant treatment:

Sports-Exercise: Starting to do sports after the implant application affects the process negatively. Any impact to the operated area may cause damage to the screws. So much so that even when brushing teeth after the procedure, it is necessary to act gently.

Foods: The meals and beverages consumed after the treatment are very important. For example, if you smoke, it is recommended not to smoke for at least 3 days or even to quit smoking. Tobacco products can cause infection of open wounds and prolong the healing process. You should avoid extremely hot and cold foods. You should avoid products that can get between the teeth, such as rice, popcorn, kernels. For the first few days, you should consume soft-form foods. After a few days, you can consume solid foods.

Swelling: It is quite normal to have swelling on your face after surgery. The swelling will go away 2 or 3 days after the application. You can make ice compresses to reduce swelling. You can do the ice compress for 20 minutes for one day after surgery. If your dentist gave you medicine, you should use your regular medicines.

Tooth brushing: Regular oral and dental care is necessary after implant treatment. You can start brushing your teeth 24 hours after the treatment. At this stage, you should prefer soft bristle brushes. You can make a salt water gargle. Apart from these, it is recommended not to use mouthwashes for the first 2 weeks.

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