Dental Implants Cost per Tooth

Dental implants cost per tooth, many people who prefer implants for missing teeth are researching how much they should pay per tooth. Implants are among the most expensive treatment methods that can be preferred in tooth loss. You must have a certain amount of budget to complete your treatment. An expert dentist will prepare a sample payment plan for you about dental implants cost per tooth.

The costs of implants are determined by more than one factor. It is expensive because it has the same functions and features as natural teeth. Depending on your treatment method, the total cost is calculated. After the clinical examination, net price information can be obtained.

Main Factors of the Dental Implants Cost per Tooth

When researching dental implants cost per tooth, you may want to find out what factors determine prices. The reason why dental implants cost per tooth prices are high is that there are many procedures in the treatment. The main factors that determine the cost are:

Dentist: Thanks to your dentist, your treatment will be successful. For this reason, the doctor’s expenses and the location of the clinic are included in the prices. Even if your doctor has a lot of experience, he or she charges more for your treatment.

Oral health of the patient: Another factor that determines the cost of treatment. If the gum and jawbone are not healthy enough, the cost increases. Because grafting procedures are applied to increase tissue. Tooth extractions of the patient increase the costs.

Materials used in treatment: Implants are generally produced from titanium and zirconium. The higher the quality of the materials used in the parts, the more expensive they will be.

Physician’s preferred laboratory: Artificial tooth costs play an important role in the total cost. The price policy of the laboratory is decisive.

The total cost differs from patient to patient. Each of the treatments is planned individually.

Price Range of Dental Implants

There are many factors among the reasons why dental implants cost per tooth prices differ. The most important factors that determine the prices are; the type, brand, amount of the implant, the experience of the dentist, and the price policies of the clinic. Wide price ranges also differ according to the method of treatment. These methods are:

Single tooth: One of the factors that determine the dental implants cost per tooth figures is the amount of the implant. Single tooth treatment includes both a metal screw and an artificial tooth. An abutment is needed to mount the artificial tooth. For this reason, although it is considered as a single tooth application, the total cost is actually determined for 3 parts.

Multiple teeth: If the patient is missing more than one tooth side by side, multi-tooth operation is not applied. If the teeth are not side by side, the cost increases. However, if they are side by side, thanks to the bridge application, 2 teeth can be made with a single implant.

Full mouth implant: The highest priced method is full mouth implants. If you do not have any healthy teeth, treatment is started after all your teeth have been extracted. You can have low-cost teeth with the all on four application developed in recent years.

What Does the Price of Dental Implants Include

Dental implants cost per tooth includes the costs of many procedures. Although implants are expensive treatments, they are among the most preferred methods with their long life and the details they contain. Services included in dental implants cost per tooth include:

Surgical dentist who is an expert in his field: Implants are not among the simple prostheses. Since it is one of the applications performed as a result of the surgical procedure, it should be performed by specialist physicians.

Consultations and examinations: Before the surgical procedure, you will be examined by your dentist more than once to prepare the treatment plan. The dentist will take your CT scan and X-ray to see the condition of your jawbone and teeth. It is one of the services included in the implant fees.

Placement of implants screws: Screws made of titanium are surgically placed in your jawbone. At this stage, you are given anesthesia so that you do not suffer. After the recovery process, the remaining procedures are passed.

Placement of abutments and crowns: After your gums heal, a metal piece called abutment is mounted on the implant screw. A permanent artificial tooth is attached to the abutment. This tooth is in the same form and color as your healthy teeth.

Are You an Implant Candidate?

Before doing dental implants cost per tooth research, you need to clarify whether you are the right candidate for implants. At this stage, you need to be examined by the dentist to find out if you are suitable for treatment. Expert dentists in many locations will share all the details of the treatment process with you after the necessary examinations. In order to get accurate information, you need to go to experienced dentists who are experts in their field.

Implantation studies are performed on anyone who has completed puberty and whose bone growth process has been completed. However, people with chronic health problems such as active diabetes and cancer need to undergo additional procedures in different areas.

The dentist will examine your gums and the roots of your teeth in detail with the help of tomography. If your bone amount is considered sufficient for the application, your treatment can be started in a short time. Since screws will be placed in the jawbone, your bone structure must be strong.

While your dentist is preparing the treatment plan, he will also give you a detailed explanation about dental implants cost per tooth. Detailed explanations about the rules and care instructions that you must follow after the surgical procedure will be conveyed. If you are a smoker, your doctor may advise you to quit smoking. In order for the treatment process to proceed smoothly, all recommendations and prohibitions must be followed.

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