Dental Implants vs Dentures

Dental implants vs dentures are often compared on many platforms. People with missing Decals are often curious about the differences and advantages between these two conditions. First of all, both implants and bridge prostheses are the preferred treatment methods that have been safely applied for many years in the treatment of dental deficiencies. Although more implant methods are applied with the development of technology, bridges can also be made.

It would not be correct to discuss the absolute superiority of one of these two treatment methods over the other. Because in both approaches; they have advantages over each other in different mouths, under different conditions. For this reason; it will be more accurate to evaluate the pros and cons of both methods before answering the implant or bridge question within the general framework. Dental implants vs dentures can be evaluated in many ways in this way.There are some obvious differences decently between a prosthesis or a dental implant. We can also briefly talk about these.

Differences between Dental Implants vs Dentures

Dental implants vs dentures are often researched on the Internet. First of all, while the dental implant is being made, the upper part of the prosthesis is being made. In other words, in fact, a prosthetic tooth can also be used for an implant.

  • When it comes to prosthetic dental and implant treatments, patients generally base cost as a decision factor for treatment options, and this approach can be deceptive.
  • Implant treatment in general usually has a higher cost than bridge prostheses, and the cost will increase even more, especially for those who need more than a single implant.
  • An implant made to replace the missing tooth is applied by planning to stay in the mouth for life. There is no question of aging of the tooth on it, and it remains in the mouth as long as gum health is maintained. But bridge teeth, on the other hand, have a certain service life and need to be replaced at the end of this period. Although implant treatment is an expensive option in terms of initial cost, the cost of a successfully applied quality implant is lower than bridge prostheses when it is considered in the long term. Dental implants vs dentures can also be explained in this way.

Dental Implants vs Dentures Durability

Dental implants vs dentures are also different from each other in terms of durability. Implants are made to stay in the mouth, perhaps for life, as long as the gum and jawbone can be maintained healthy.

  • With the development of technology, the quality of teeth and the types of materials used have increased. However, endurance may be different in old and new treatments. The life of the bridges is approximately 10 to 15
  • Implants also support the health of the jaw, keeping the bone healthy and strong. This condition also positively affects the shape of the face and oral health as we age. This situation may change over time. Implants naturally mimic the feel of a real tooth along with its function and generally look much better than bridges.
  • After the teeth that the prosthesis will fit are shaped, a temporary prosthesis is used by the dentist until the permanent prostheses are ready, so as not to remain toothless. In this way, the patient does not remain toothless until a permanent prosthesis is made.
  • Bridge prostheses can be used for up to 10-15 years. After that, it needs to be changed. Dental implants vs dentures can also be evaluated in this way in terms of durability.

Dental Implants vs Dentures Features

Dental implants vs dentures, the differences are mentioned in a few cases. Implant applications are gradual treatments consisting of several stages. Although there are sometimes options where it is possible to insert the tooth made on it with the implant on the same day, this is not suitable for every patient.

In general, the dentist can place an implant in 15 minutes, and the recovery time is also relatively faster. Most patients can return to work and other normal social activities the next day. However, it is expected that the screw and the bone will fuse together for about 2-3 months afterwards.

Dental implants vs dentures, the stages are different.On the dental bridge, the measurement is taken on the day the procedure starts, and the bridge teeth are inserted during the same week. However, it may be more because the surrounding teeth will need to be permanently reduced to support the bridge. There is also a short recovery period in bridge treatment. There may be minimal gum pain after the dentist snaps the bridge into place. However, this condition usually disappears after a few days.

Dental Implants vs Dentures Prices

Dental implants vs dentures are different from each other in terms of price. The only advantage of bridge application over implant application is the price issue. However, when it is considered in the long term, implant application is also more reasonable in terms of cost. Bridge prostheses last for a maximum of 12-15 years, and after 15 years, a new prosthesis must be made to cover 3 teeth. However, the implant can be used for a lifetime. If the comparison is made in this way, it will be seen that implant application is considered more economical in the long term.

In addition, the occurrence of conditions such as tooth decay and gum diseases in bridge prostheses reveals the need for replacement of prosthetic teeth. This is also a situation that increases the cost in the long run. Dental implants vs dentures can also be evaluated in terms of cost. In addition to increasing the cost, it causes the person to experience the same treatment process again.

Implant treatment should always be performed under hygienic conditions and applied within the correct planning. Patients should also request detailed information from the dentist before treatment. After successfully applied dental implant treatment, patients will also eliminate the risk of possible complications by paying attention to oral and dental health. A dental implant, which has been used in dental surgery for many years and is an effective treatment method, also provides aesthetic comfort to the patient.


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