Emergency Dental Implants

Emergency dental implants are performed quickly in cases where the implant is made in an emergency. In some cases, an implant can be applied quickly when there is a possibility of melting of the jaw structure, deterioration of bone structure. The implant is an artificial one placed in the jaw structure in the form of a screw it is the root. In addition, the material of the implant usually consists of titanium. The most suitable for the tooth structure since the material is titanium, it is compatible with the jaw. Emergency dental implants are the most performed dental treatment today it’s one of his methods. As a result of deforming or missing teeth over time, the jaw of the teeth it is aimed to be treated by making implants in their places in the structure.

Your teeth are missing in this case, changes occur both in the jaw structure and the chewing function it can be lost. In addition, psychological problems may also occur in a person due to these disorders. Since the implant is made of titanium, which is the most suitable material for the tooth structure, the chewing function it ensures that it is regained. It is one of the most widely used treatment methods today. The advantage of implant treatment over other treatments is that neighboring teeth are not damaged. In other words, close teeth do not need to be cut. Most of the other dental treatment methods can be cut on the teeth located on the sides.

What are Emergency Dental Implants?

Emergency dental implants are a treatment method. In some cases, it may be necessary to have an implant immediately after tooth extraction. In such cases, treatment is carried out quickly. It is important that the implant applications that are planned to be performed urgently are performed in a way that is appropriate for the tooth and jaw structure. The ability of the jaw to be compatible with the emergency dental implants and for many years it must be suitable for the jawbone to be used. If the bone structure is not enough, also with bone powder it is supported.

It is one of the most preferred methods of treatment among the methods of Decontamination. Implants for thousands of people every year treatment is being performed. This method is preferred instead of prosthesis, especially for dental deficiencies. Since an artificial tooth root is used, it is one of the most suitable methods for a real tooth. To be compatible with the tooth and thanks to its durability for many years, it is quite a preferred treatment method.

How are Emergency Dental Implants Performed?

Emergency dental implants can be performed with many different methods. Due to the fact that the screw section of the implants is made of titanium, it adapts to the tooth structure in a short time. Thanks to this adaptation, the implant placement time and recovery time are also shortened. In addition, the prosthetic part is also very compatible with the tooth. It is examined by a dentist to check whether it is suitable for the implant. The patient is also informed about the process and treatment begins.

  • First of all, the tooth area is numbed to prevent the occurrence of pain or pain.
  • Then the implant area around the tooth is cleaned.
  • After the necessary controls, the implant will be applied after the area to be implanted is numbed gum removal is performed with the help of a screw in the tooth. Recovery is expected after this process. As a result of the recovery, the emergency dental implants process is completed by inserting the prosthesis section.
  • The recovery period varies between 3-6 months. After this process is completed, the implant is inserted into the screw by it will be completed.

Situations where an implant needs to be made urgently are usually when the tooth is pulled out immediately. Doing it immediately after tooth extraction gives healthier results. Due to the fact that the gum is more compatible during this time, the healing process is also shortened. It is also very important that it is done without losses in the bone region.

The Advantages of Emergency Dental Implants

Emergency dental implants have many advantages. In particular, this treatment method is performed for thousands of patients around the world. It is also one of the most recommended treatment methods for patients by dentists. The advantages it provides;

  • It is the most suitable treatment method for the natural tooth structure.
  • It allows oral health to be restored.
  • Visually, it also provides a very aesthetic image.
  • It allows the tooth roots to be more durable.
  • While eating, it allows the chewing function to be regained.
  • You will not feel any pain or pain because the tooth is numbed during the treatment.

It is a comfortable treatment process. Because the artificial tooth root is made, it provides real dental function. Thus, it has become a very preferred method for dental deficiencies. It resembles real teeth both in function and appearance. Zirconium or classical prostheses are placed on the screw in such a way. In some cases, different treatment methods may also be preferred, while in some cases, only the emergency dental implants method are applied. For a quality treatment process, the recommendations and instructions of the dentist should also be followed. There are a number of rules that must be followed in order for the treatment process to be successful. For a successful implant treatment process, the rules must be followed.

Emergency Dental Implants Prices

The prices of emergency dental implants are quite affordable. This treatment method is successfully performed in many countries and in many clinics. It is one of the most commonly used dental treatment methods. It should be made using high-quality materials. The quality of the prosthesis is also very important for maintaining oral health and being durable for a long time. In some cases, zirconium is also applied. Implants manufactured using high-quality materials and titanium adapt to the tooth in a short time.

Prices also vary depending on the structure of the tooth and the number of implants to be made. Different pricing is made for each method. There may also be an additional fee for bone powder. Also, quality is important rather than price. Before emergency dental implants treatment, a good research should be done to get detailed information about the clinic and material quality. Implants manufactured using high-quality materials stay in the mouth for a very long time in a durable way. By being regularly examined by a dentist, it can be detected early in case of any problems.

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