Fake Teeth Hollywood Smile

Fake teeth Hollywood smile are teeth that are applied during the dental construction process until the teeth are made. In smile aesthetics applications, first of all, people’s mouth and tooth development should be completed. In this sense, due to the fact that the mouth structure undergoes constant changes in proportion to bone development and tooth development continues in young patients, it is not meaningful to perform an aesthetic intervention at an early stage. It is essential that smile design is applied in patients aged 18 years and older, who are generally considered to have completed growth and development.

In addition, in cases where bone and dental tissues and gum structure are affected due to underlying health problems in people, treating the underlying disease as a priority is important for achieving the success of smile aesthetics applications. In patients where surgical procedures or treatment procedures that will affect the mouth and tooth structure are planned, smile design should be postponed until after treatment.

The process, which takes place by exchanging mutual ideas with the patient, ends with the completion of the appropriate procedures. The completion time of the smile design process varies depending on factors such as the presence of orthodontic practices, the variety of procedures, and the levels of existing disorders. Fake teeth Hollywood smile can happen in some cases.

What is the Fake Teeth Hollywood Smile?

Fake teeth Hollywood smile can be experienced in some treatment processes. First of all, smile design is the process of eliminating conditions that fall within the scope of aesthetic dentistry and lead to some disorders in aesthetic appearance for various reasons. Smile design procedures related to teeth and gums have an important place in oral care. Rotten teeth, crooked teeth and various gum diseases not only affect the aesthetic appearance, they also have a negative impact on the oral and physical health of people.

Impairments such as tooth loss, tooth color differences and some distortions that do not affect oral health reduce the quality of life of people and negatively affect their social lives. Due to the effects of smile aesthetics and smile design on communication and socialization in today’s world, problems in the mouth that cannot be fixed can lead to people being afraid to laugh in public and the formation of serious problems such as lack of self-confidence. Fake teeth Hollywood smile can be experienced in this way in some cases.

Fake Teeth Hollywood Smile Production Stages

Fake teeth Hollywood smile can be experienced in some treatment processes. Although failures may occur, there are very high success rates. Since the places that people don’t like in their smiles can be very different, the methods applied within the scope of smile design also differ from person to person. Teeth whitening in someone with tooth discoloration constitutes an important stage of smile design, while orthodontic treatment methods may need to be applied in another person due to confusion and size differences in the tooth.

In this regard, smile aesthetics applications; restorative dental treatment of dentistry is applied to patients with an interdisciplinary approach that requires the application of different disciplines of dentistry such as periodontology, orthodontics, oral-dental-maxillofacial surgery in cooperation.

Decongestant dental treatment is applied to patients with an interdisciplinary approach. Again, within the scope of smile aesthetics, patients may benefit from treatment methods of different branches of science, such as dermatology, cosmetics, ear-nose-throat. The fake teeth Hollywood smile is the result of a failed design.

In this direction, dental aesthetic applications are leading among the many treatment options made in order to provide an aesthetic smile. The most commonly used treatment methods within the scope of dental aesthetics can be listed as follows:

  • Application of zirconium or porcelain coatings made to eliminate shape and color disorders in the tooth structure, perplexities in the teeth or dental deficiencies
  • Implant application and porcelain lamination process
  • Performing teeth whitening procedure on patients who complain about tooth color
  • Application of composite filling and composite lamina to teeth damaged due to reasons such as caries, trauma, genetics, environmental factors
  • Application of orthodontic treatments in order to eliminate perplexities

Features of Fake Teeth Hollywood Smile

Fake teeth Hollywood smile can be performed instead of real teeth during the treatment process in some cases. Smile design is a treatment method that is planned specifically for a person and applied to change the shape, surface structure and color of teeth. As only one of these procedures can be performed, combinations of treatments may also be required depending on the need. Fake teeth Hollywood smile can be made instead of real teeth during the treatment process in some cases, this is how it occurs.

  • Since the uniform application of the smile design process will not be correct, there are some elements that should be considered specifically for the individual during the treatment phase.
  • The incisors located next to the front two teeth are more oval in women, while they are angular and prominent in men.
  • The size, color and structure of the teeth change with age.
  • It is important to choose the appropriate tone for skin color when tooth coating is performed.
  • Whether the face shape is hard or soft directly affects the smile design to be made.

Fake Teeth Hollywood Smile Cost

Fake teeth Hollywood smile can be performed instead of real teeth during the treatment process in some cases. First of all, to talk about the costs;the prices of smile aesthetics may differ depending on the treatments needed by the patient. Smile aesthetics fees, which cover procedures such as tooth length adjustment, gum problem treatment, veneer procedures or teeth whitening, are determined according to the treatments to be applied to the patient. For patients who only need teeth whitening treatment for smile aesthetics, smile design prices are extremely economical, as well as patients who will have treatments such as veneers, the treatment fee is higher.

The procedures to be applied in smile design differ according to the individuals. Each oral structure has its own characteristics and different aesthetic requirements. With the inclusion of people’s special requests in the transactions, very different and multidisciplinary transaction combinations emerge. In smile design procedures, appropriate procedures or procedures are selected by taking into account factors such as the person’s facial features, gender, age and expectations and determining the requirements. The priority is to eliminate problems that negatively affect health, such as carious teeth and gum diseases. Fake teeth Hollywood smile can be performed instead of real teeth during the treatment process in some cases.

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