Front Tooth Dental Implant

Front tooth dental implant is one of the most researched and curious topics. Since implant treatment can also be performed on the front teeth, it is requested by many people for aesthetic purposes. Dental implant in front tooth,especially in upper front tooth implant applications, should be evaluated in detail in order to achieve the optimal aesthetic appearance in the patient-related factors.

When any of the front teeth are pulled, it is very important to correct the missing lower or upper tooth with implant treatment as soon as possible. This treatment method is quite simple. Because the front teeth contribute to the aesthetic appearance as well as speech and nutrition functions. The teeth that are most taken care of are the front teeth.

The dental cavity located right in the middle of the face causes a loss of self-confidence in the person and a decrease in the quality of life by avoiding communication.When one of the incisors is pulled, some bone resorption occurs during healing in the area of attraction.A front tooth dental implant can take several sessions.

What is Front Tooth Dental Implant?

Front tooth dental implant is a technique that has been used for 20 years and its scientific success has been proven.Advanced surgical techniques are needed to make implants here. Implant applications are one of the most preferred treatment methods used to eliminate tooth deficiency due to the fact that they have a natural appearance and are close to the natural tooth in terms of use.

Although the fact that the front teeth are narrower than the back teeth makes the front tooth implant treatment a little more difficult, constantly developing technological possibilities have made it easy to implant the front teeth. A front tooth dental implant is an application that can be performed.

Especially patients who have lost their teeth as a result of various dental diseases or who have missing teeth due to tooth extraction provide the natural functioning of their teeth with the implant method. Moreover, since implant applications also have very wide possibilities, patients who wish to restore the function of missing teeth thanks to this application. Since there is no damage to the teeth around the treated area during implant treatment, you can easily have an implant.

Is Front Tooth Dental Implant Performed?

  • Front tooth dental implant, measurements are taken from patients before treatment and temporary prostheses are prepared. If the patient has teeth to be pulled under local anesthesia, they are pulled and implants are placed.
  • A temporary prosthesis made by taking measurements from patients on top of the implants is applied to this implant.
  • Before the implant, the patient’s missing tooth is usually examined to see if there is enough bone tissue; if the patient has enough bone tissue, implant treatment is started,
  • If there is not enough bone tissue, implant treatments are applied after obtaining enough bone by adding bone powder.
  • Additional procedures such as front tooth dental implant, bone powder increase the prices a little more. Therefore, patients with good bone structure can have implant treatment by paying less.


Features of Front Tooth Dental Implant

Front tooth dental implant, usually one of the most curious questions by patients is whether single dental implant treatments are performed.

  • Since the implant is usually a large-scale operation, although it is performed on more than one tooth, contrary to general belief, an implant on a single tooth is also possible. Moreover, thanks to the developing technology and experienced physicians, implants made on a single tooth are also performed without any damage to the teeth around the area where the treatment is applied.
  • Front dental implant prices are a condition that is being determined as a result of the patient’s examination. They differ from each other depending on the type of treatment that will be performed on people, the duration and the size and number of front dental implants that will be performed.The length and diameter of the implants can vary. The front tooth dental implant is a little easier for this reason.
  • Length and diameter implants suitable for the front tooth cavity are also produced. For this reason, implant treatment can be performed on the front teeth.

Front tooth dental implant is one of the most commonly used dental treatment methods both in terms of aesthetics and usefulness. Implants that can be made once and used for life with the least problems and the highest performance are more advantageous than bridge prosthesis treatments. Since the prices of front dental implants are usually determined as a result of the patient’s examination, it is not possible to specify a fixed price. In addition, although the prices vary due to the quality of the imported implant products used, the probability of experiencing problems with the use of high-quality materials is greatly reduced.

After Front Tooth Dental Implant

Front tooth dental implant is a treatment that should be done much more carefully on the back teeth.Implant treatment is a long-term procedure. It requires great attention and patience both during the procedure and after the procedure. First of all, what should be noted is that the physician performing the implant treatment should pay attention to the hygiene rules and be experienced in this regard.  For this reason, it is paramount to work with a physician who does his job diligently. If you are progressing your treatment with the right physician, you can recover in a short time by paying attention to the elements that you need to pay attention to after the implant.

Swelling, pain or tenderness may occur in the area where the implant is applied after the implant. Although this condition is completely natural, you can minimize these findings by paying attention to certain situations. For example, you should apply the ice gels that will be given to you by your doctor on the day of implant treatment to the cheek on the side where the application is performed at intervals of 10 minutes and for 3-4 minutes. After that, you should especially not use tobacco. You should also pay attention to the diet. One of the most frequently asked questions is prices.


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