Hollywood Smile Crowns

Hollywood smile crowns are the most commonly used methods in the treatment process. Empress crown coating, which is often preferred in aesthetic dental initiatives, can provide extremely successful results. We can easily state that it is also a suitable option for patients with some complaints about their front teeth. Because it is a preferred tooth coating method for front teeth often in our country and around the world. This crown coating technique may also be preferred for molars where the force is applied less. We can also state that this method may be the right choice for patients who have problems with molars.

One of the questions that is often asked is the possibility of this coating being applied to the tooth undergoing root canal treatment. Of course, if root canal treatment is applied to the tooth, the tooth coating method in question can also be used. However, it is also possible to perform this procedure on patients who have discoloration of their teeth due to advancing age. Having Dec Decencies between the teeth is one of the common problems of many people. The coating method in question may also be preferred by patients who complain about the Decussation between the teeth. Hollywood smile crowns are applied during this process.

What are Hollywood Smile Crowns?

Hollywood smile crowns the empress crown coating method, which offers excellent light transmittance, is more of a preferred application for front teeth. However, as we mentioned earlier, it is also possible to apply it to the molars. We can transfer the answer to the question of which teeth this process can be activated for as a short list.

  • The most successful results are obtained when applied to the front incisors.
  • It is also a suitable method for other teeth that do not apply too much force in the mouth.
  • It can be applied to teeth with tetracycline, fluorosis, devitalization or age-related coloration.
  • It can be applied to teeth that cannot be whitened that have changed their color tone and have undergone root canal treatment.
  • It can be preferred for teeth with diastema, that is, for teeth that are Decoupled between them.
  • This dental coating can be applied to give a new appearance to teeth that are out of shape
  • Teeth with enamel defects
  • Suitable for malposed teeth, i.e. teeth with errors in their arrangement or position.
  • Aesthetic arrangements can be preferred when necessary for teeth that have undergone restoration procedures.
  • It can be preferred for teeth that have been worn or have undergone various deformations.

Features of Hollywood Smile Crowns

Hollywood smile crowns are used during treatments. The dentist will make a final decision on this issue regarding the condition of your teeth. The most preferred crown coating is the coatings obtained from porcelain. We see that it is often preferred in metal-supported porcelain coatings. The main difference between the two is that the full porcelain Decking type offers more aesthetic images.

It is used to prevent the fracture of weak teeth, to cover teeth that are broken, distorted in shape or have differences in color, as a superstructure for a dental implant. It has a structure that will fully support the daily life functions of the crown coating application applied with advanced techniques.

  • Crown coating materials offer a natural appearance.
  • Crown coatings are very durable and robust in structure.
  • They provide a beautiful harmony with the gums.
  • Does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Hollywood smile crowns are used in this process.

The Advantages of Hollywood Smile Crowns

Provides a very natural appearance.

  • It offers results that will meet the expectations more than aesthetically
  • Surface structure can be controlled because it has natural fluorescence property
  • Its retention is much higher than other types of crowns
  • Plaque accumulation on the surface section is less compared to other coatings
  • Exhibits high strength property against abrasion risk
  • Liquid absorption is at a lower level
  • Allows to get a whiter and more beautiful appearance on teeth whose color tone has changed
  • It is a tooth coating method that can be performed painlessly and painlessly

Hollywood smile crowns are used as an aesthetic method in the treatment process. In order for the fixed crowns to be long-lasting and natural-looking, the habit of brushing teeth regularly should be obtained. When attention is paid to oral hygiene and care, both crowns and natural teeth will be preserved, so the patient will be able to perform daily life functions easily. In addition to all these, it is necessary not to apply very heavy blows and pressures to the tooth where the crown coating is performed.

Care should be taken not to break foods such as walnuts, hazelnuts with teeth that will force the teeth. For this reason, the whiteness and spotless appearance of the teeth must also be preserved. It is useful to limit your tea and coffee consumption, and pay attention to oral hygiene and hygiene after consumption. The same applies to soda in the same case.Finally, you should go to the dentist for regular check-ups and get information about the condition of crown coverings. Hollywood smile crowns are sturdy and durable, but still need to be careful during this process.

How Are Hollywood Smile Crowns Applied?

Hollywood smile crowns have an aesthetic image. Decreases in chewing function are observed in problems such as breaking and abrasion of the protective enamel layer on the tooth due to various impacts. In such cases, depending on the measurements taken by dental technicians, it is done in the form of applying artificial structures created in certain molds to the problem area.

The crown obtained artificially is placed in the patient’s mouth and permanently glued after the chewing and speech functions are adjusted. An incision procedure is performed on the tooth in order for the crown to be attached to the relevant part of the tooth. Making an incision is to ensure that the natural teeth have the same structure as the teeth where the coating will be made and to preserve the naturalness in terms of appearance. The patient will not feel any pain or pain during the procedure. Hollywood smile crowns are used in this process.

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