Hollywood Smile Dental Procedure

Hollywood smile dental procedure consists of many stages. The smile profile is a very important factor in supporting the aesthetic appearance. In order to have a beautiful smile, there are many treatment methods that can be used to create a smile design. Sometimes, treating only the tissues whose health deteriorates can help you get a beautiful smile. In cases where the teeth are healthy, treatment methods that largely protect the tooth and gum tissues, such as wire therapy, bonding, pink aesthetic applications, teeth whitening, may be enough to create an ideal smile profile.

In cases where it is desired to create more pronounced changes in the shape, color and size characteristics of the teeth, it can be ensured to create a smile design with the prosthesis applications selected by keeping the protection of the health of the teeth in the foreground.The Hollywood smile dental procedure is first organized based on the patient’s expectations. Smile design is a dental aesthetic that dentists make using technology. When the dentist combines his skill with art and technology, aesthetic-looking teeth emerge.

Before applying smile design aesthetics, it is determined in order to fully understand the aesthetic expectations of the person and determine the needs correctly. If a joint decision is reached as expected by the dentist and the patient, the procedure goes into practice. The dentist uses technology to apply the appropriate aesthetic teeth to the patient in the face of the expectation of the patient’s wishes.

What is the Hollywood Smile Dental Procedure?

Hollywood smile dental procedure, after the necessary examination, photos, measurements are taken from the patient and sent to the technician for design, the purpose of this design, which is made without producing porcelain, is to be able to see the situation at the end of treatment from the very beginning. Evaluations are made on the preliminary work, and the preliminary design is completed in accordance with requests and expectations. In the next session, an etching  is performed on the front face of the tooth, which is the area where the porcelain sheet will sit.

In some rare cases, the design can be switched without any etching from the tooth. After the measurements are taken, a temporary design that can be used until the porcelain arrives is applied into the mouth. During the session when the porcelain arrives, the transients are removed, the necessary procedure is followed and the porcelain is glued to the tooth surface. The Hollywood smile dental procedure consists of these stages.

Smile design increases a person’s self-confidence and self-respect in the first place. In this way, the person will begin to communicate more healthily with other people. Individuals with proper dental and oral health will enjoy a beautiful smile first of all. With the smile design, you will also get rid of your dental health problems. In this way, it will end your oral health problems.

The Stages of Hollywood Smile Dental

The stages of the Hollywood smile dental procedure first start with your application to a dentist. If you contact your dentist, he will give you information about the most suitable smile design and put it into practice by doing a few tests. Smile design is an aesthetic design made by dentists using advanced technology. The dentist reveals the most suitable smile design for you by making you talk about his expertise and art. The examinations performed by the dentist before smile aesthetics are as follows;

Photos of the person are taken from all sides.

  • These photos are transferred to the computer.
  • Many studies are done on these photos.
  • The studies performed are re-evaluated on the photos.
  • It is determined whether the aesthetic smile design is suitable for the person.
  • By using digital technology, the design is applied to the person by the dentist.
  • As a result of the procedure performed after these examinations, the person does not have any problems and remains satisfied. The Hollywood smile dental procedure is completed in this way.

Smile design is a dental procedure specially designed for you to have brighter, more aesthetic smiles. With this dental method; mouth and dental problems that cause you to lose the radiance in your smile will be treated and it will be ensured that you will get healthy teeth and feel better.

Is the Hollywood Smile Dental Permanent?

The permanency of the Hollywood smile dental procedure may differ from person to person. If you follow the treatment given by your dentist and the oral and dental health care after having an aesthetic smile design, the permanence will increase. In this way, you will have long-term aesthetic teeth.

But if you do not provide regular care for the treatment given by your dentist and for your oral and dental health, the permanence may decrease day by day. If we are not cared for like our innate teeth, caries occurs and we suffer pain. We are having fillings and root canal treatments. After you have aesthetic smiles, you may lose your aesthetic teeth and smile if you don’t pay attention to your oral and dental health.

In order to avoid facing this situation, you should take the care that your dentist recommends to you accordingly. And you will need to go to your dentist for an examination every 6 months. The Hollywood smile dental procedure should be performed at regular intervals..

Prices for Hollywood Smile Dental

Hollywood smile dental procedure may vary in price. Digital smile design is an aesthetic smile design developed by dentists with the help of technology. It is specially prepared by the dentist because the structure of the mouth and teeth varies from person to person. In this way, aesthetic teeth suitable for a person appear instead of ordinary teeth.The fact that the aesthetic dental smile design, which is blended with technology by dentists, differs, means that you have problems with your oral and dental health.

If some complications have occurred in your tooth, these complications should be resolved by your dentist first. When these complications are resolved, your dentist will perform the procedure on you. Because dentists act cautiously in order to avoid problems later.Hollywood smile dental procedure prices vary from person to person. The fact that the technology and smile aesthetic design by dentists differ means that you have problems with your oral and dental health.

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