Hollywood Smile Dental

Hollywood smile dental is one of the most popular dental aesthetic methods in the world. It is also recommended to patients by many dentists according to the dental condition.The most commonly applied dental treatments are usually performed for aesthetic purposes. Both famous people and many people from the world are treated by going to some aesthetic smile design centers.

Nowadays, when aesthetic appearance is very important, teeth come to the fore most.Hollywood smile is a smile aesthetic treatment applied to people who want to have a remarkable smile. It is a treatment that can be applied to everyone, regardless of women or men.The process of covering one’s own teeth with porcelain veneer in order to have a more aesthetic and beautiful appearance is called Hollywood smile.

This type of treatment, inspired by Hollywood celebrities, is based on dental aesthetics. Nowadays, in addition to foreign celebrities, there are quite a lot of celebrities who have this smile design done in every country. With the Hollywood smile, the person’s tooth structure is corrected with the help of porcelain veneer and lamina, the incompatibility between the gums and the tooth is eliminated with aesthetic procedures performed on the gums, and thus the person has an ideal smile.

When starting to design a smile, first of all, the person’s face shape is determined and it is determined which form of teeth he should have. The smile that a person should have varies depending on many factors such as gender, age, facial features, lips.

What is Hollywood Smile Dental?

Hollywood smile dental is shown to the patient on many platforms for rehearsal purposes before treatment.Before each step to be taken to correct a person’s smile in the digital environment, the condition called aesthetics is unique to the person. The person’s face ratio is planned depending on the openness of his smile. The color of the teeth, the shape, the position of the lips, the skin color are important in making this design.

Photography is very important in dentistry when making a Hollywood smile. In dental photography, both teeth and surrounding tissues are photographed. In addition to the photo for the information to be transferred to the dental laboratory, taking measurements is also important for 3-dimensional Hollywood smile dental design. Videos are also taken and dynamic facial aesthetics of the patient while talking and laughing are examined to determine what can be done about the teeth for optimal facial beauty.

In some cases, an implant can also be applied. Implant treatment: Missing teeth are also a problem that prevents aesthetic smile. Because of this, a proportional and uniform appearance is created again with dental implants that will replace the lost teeth.Smile design, that is, with the Hollywood smile dental, an accurate mouth closure, a half-moon or moon-shaped smile line is obtained. Thus, the person gets a more energetic and youthful appearance.

How to Make a Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood smile dental can be made in many different designs. In some cases, many different dental materials such as dentures, zirconium are preferred. First of all, the dental examination is performed by the dentist and it is decided which material and method to apply. Then, the most appropriate method for the tooth structure and characteristics is determined. There are some situations that should be considered when determining this method;

  • Positioning of the teeth in a way that is compatible with other teeth
  • It should be done carefully so that the gums are not damaged
  • In the smile position, the gums appear at a certain distance from the bottom of the lips.
  • The optimal level of the amount of appearance of teeth in the smile position.
  • Having healthy gums.
  • Taking into account that the sounds hit the teeth when talking, it should be done appropriately.
  • Hollywood smile dental should be performed by paying attention to these factors.

Advantages of Hollywood Smile Dental

Hollywood smile dental has many advantages. Especially in terms of aesthetic appearance, good results occur.

  • Because the teeth are durable and strong, they can be used for many years.
  • Aesthetic image quality is revealed.
  • A natural appearance is provided because the color closest to the tooth color is selected.
  • It is provided to eliminate the deficiencies that occur in the teeth.
  • The color changes that occur in the teeth will be treated.

Hollywood smile dental is preferred by many people because of the advantages it provides. Many of the patients apply to dental clinics and demand a healthier smile design. Dentists decide which method will be healthier as a result of the examination, and the patient should also be adequately informed about the issue.

Prices for Hollywood Smile Dental

The prices of Hollywood smile dental are quite affordable. Smile design treatments are preferred by thousands of patients per year. There are also many clinics interested in these treatments. In addition, these clinics and hospitals carefully provide Hollywood smile dental to the patient. This process is quite important. A design should be made in accordance with the tooth structure, tooth color and jaw structure. In this case, the most suitable design for the patient’s own tooth can be provided.

Prices may vary depending on the structure of the tooth, gums, and the method to be used. That is why there is no clear price. Also, quality is important rather than price. The teeth made of implants, dentures or zirconium should be made with care to be of high quality and to be durable for many years in a solid way. In this process, the teeth should also be taken care of by taking into account hygienic conditions. If brushing and flossing are done regularly, it can be used for many years.

The important thing is that dental treatment and aesthetic condition are decoupled at the same time. One of the most important issues that is paid attention to when designing a smile is the combination of treatment and aesthetic conditions. Decontamination is one of the most important issues. A detailed analysis is carried out as a result of the examination. Thus, the treatments that are suitable for the teeth are performed first, and then an aesthetically good image is given to the tooth.



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