Hollywood Smile Istanbul

Hollywood smile Istanbul attracts the attention of many people. With the understanding of high quality and cheap price, many people come to Turkey for treatment.Smile design is an aesthetic procedure performed to correct color, shape and position disorders in the patient’s teeth and gums. In recent years, Hollywood movie stars have started to attract attention with their smiles. As a result of the fact that patients also make requests related to smile aesthetics by referring to this smile, the term Hollywood smile has emerged.

Hollywood smile provides the removal of deformities in the teeth. The distortions or separations that occur due to the incompatibility of the teeth with each other will be corrected within the scope of the Hollywood smile treatment. In addition, it also allows the patient to restore the gum health. It has positive effects such as correcting the gum level and improving gum health.

Especially you can put an end to the smile away from aesthetics brought by asymmetric smile with this treatment. It is possible with the transactions made within the scope of the excellent Hollywood smile Istanbul.Many years ago, when Hollywood films were being made, an application made to create a rapid change in the faces of stars began to be applied in the field of dentistry, also passing through scientific studies over time. Designed specifically for people, this smile design combines aesthetics and health, allowing you to get a brand new look.

Hollywood Smile Istanbul Applied?

The first procedure to be performed in relation to the teeth in Holywood Smile Istanbul applications is orthodontic treatment, as in all smile design applications. However, patients do not want this long-lasting treatment because of the images of orthodontic devices. Nowadays, ceramic brackets applied to the outer sides of the teeth can solve the aesthetic concerns of patients up to a certain point. Yellowing occurs after a while depending on the food and beverages consumed around these brackets and wires, which in this case causes aesthetic problems in patients.

Hollywood smile is held frequently in Istanbul. Dental treatments and dental aesthetic procedures are provided at very affordable prices and with high-quality service. That is why Hollywood smile Istanbul has become the center of aesthetic operations.For an ideal aesthetic, the teeth and gums must necessarily be in harmony. Smile designs that include pink and white aesthetics should include a planning that many of our patients request only for aesthetic reasons, but that regulates not only aesthetics, but also function. Materials such as lamina, zirconium, ceramic, e max are used in smile design.

Hollywood Smile Istanbul Procedure

This procedure is an operation performed by a dentist. So, how to make Hollywood smile Istanbul for the patient?  Both dental and surrounding tissues of the patient will be photographed by the dentist. Along with the photo, the patient’s mouth measurement is also taken. Such details are very important to give the patient a Hollywood smile. In addition to the photo shoot, video shooting should also be done to plan what can be done by looking at the current facial aesthetics of the patient while laughing and talking. Gingivectomy, teeth whitening, implants, porcelain veneers and pink aesthetics are the treatments that can be applied to the patient within the scope of hollywood smile.

The treatments to be applied are selected according to the needs of the patient. When Hollywood tooth color is mentioned, it actually refers to the patient’s own original tooth color. If the patient’s teeth turn yellow, the tooth color can be whitened by the teeth whitening process. In particular, Hollywood smile Istanbul veneers are applied to repair collided, separated or missing teeth and restore their normal form. Photography is very important in dentistry when making a Hollywood smile. In dental photography, both teeth and surrounding tissues are photographed. In addition to the photo for the information to be transferred to the dental laboratory, taking measurements is also important for 3-dimensional smile design.

Who Does the Hollywood Smile Apply To?

Hollywood smile Istanbul l can be applied to anyone who does not like their smile, has yellowing teeth, clashed-split teeth, gum problems and similar diseases. In addition, age is an important criterion in the application of Hollywood smile treatment. For a successful Hollywood smile procedure, a person’s mouth structure, face and smile must be fully developed. Gender is also a factor that makes a difference during the application phase. In addition, since the face shape of women is more oval, the oval-contoured tooth form is also preferred by dentists in dental planning. Since men have sharper facial features, sharp tooth forms should be planned.

Today, teeth whitening, gum shaping, bonding applications, composite laminates, zirconium and porcelain tooth coatings, leaf teeth, lip contours shaping, implant applications and orthodontic treatments are the main treatment methods used in smile aesthetics. Hollywood smile Istanbul is quite suitable.Many people who are uncomfortable with the appearance of teeth have smile designs made. It should be examined before having a smile design. In this process, if a tooth discomfort or caries is detected, it should be treated. After the treatment process is completed, aesthetic procedures are performed.

Prices for Hollywood Smile Istanbul

Many procedures are performed within the scope of Hollywood smile Istanbul and all these procedures are shaped according to the needs of the patient. Therefore, the Hollywood smile price information is specific to the person, as it depends on the treatment he will receive.To achieve healthy smiles, you can get information about aesthetic dental prices from doctors who are specialists in their field. Istanbul is a place where dental treatments are performed intensively. Therefore, since it is one of the most preferred cities, both technology and costs are quite affordable.

Hollywood smile Istanbul prices may vary depending on the procedures performed, the clinic and the materials used. Therefore, we recommend that you consult a specialist to get a smile design price and learn the procedures you need.

Therefore, the aesthetic smile design is the determining factor of the type of treatment to be performed when calculating the price. Dental or disorder treatments applied today diversify the prices of smile aesthetics.Prices vary depending on many factors. Therefore, it is not correct to specify a clear price.


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