Hollywood Smile Snap on Teeth

Hollywood smile snap on teeth is the process of making the mouth and tooth structure aesthetic within the framework of aesthetic proportions.According to the needs and wishes of our patient, the relationship of the teeth and lips to each other is evaluated, the length, colors and shapes of the teeth are evaluated, and ultimately with smile design programsthe smile design is made and applied in consultation with our patient.

The process of aestheticizing the position of the lips, teeth and jaw during posture and smile according to the structure of the person’s mouth and jaw and facial contours is called smile design. There is no uniform form of treatment in smile design, which is the main branch of aesthetic dentistry. According to the needs of the person, different disciplines need to be applied. If there is a missing tooth, it should be completed with implant or bridge treatment, correction of crooked teeth with orthodontic treatment, treatment of problems such as gum extraction by a periodontologist, etc. many different interventions may be required. Hollywood smile snap on teeth covers many treatment methods.

What are the Methods of Hollywood Smile Snap on Teeth?

  • Teeth whitening (bleaching) can be applied
  • Composite laminates can be applied by bonding on the teeth
  • Porcelain laminates -sheet porcelain can be applied on the teeth
  • Emax porcelain veneers can be applied on the teeth
  • Zirconium coatings or monolithic zirconium porcelain plated teeth can be glued on the teeth

The Hollywood smile snap on teeth covers most of these treatments. Everyone wants to look beautiful and be liked, which is the most natural desire. Therefore, we do not disrupt our personal hygiene and care, we wear clothes that are as appropriate and appropriate for the situation as they are clean, and we can have hair and beard care.  But even if you pay attention to all the issues so far, all the effort can be wasted when you smile. If we do not go over the reasons again and put them correctly; a clean, neat tooth structure that is not suitable for your mouth structure and facial expressions can have a very negative impact on both your social and business life. But thanks to aesthetic dentistry, it is really possible to get rid of all these negativities in a very short time and get a smile that will maximize your remaining beauty.

Hollywood Smile Teeth

Hollywood smile snap on teeth is performed with the specified treatment methods. It is the duty of a specialist dentist to determine the patient’s needs correctly and to put forward the most appropriate treatment plan for him by considering the field of study of all disciplines. First of all, it is necessary to diagnose the current state of your oral and dental health and meet your needs in terms of “health”, and then your postures, in which you smile, your lips are fully and half open, completely closed, should be put into an aesthetic pattern according to your face and the message you want to give to the people opposite you. So the priority is your health. Then, smile design planning will be made according to your personal aesthetic demands. The Hollywood smile snap on teeth provides a beautiful look.

What Does Hollywood Smile Teeth Look Like?

Hollywood smile snap on teeth is provided with certain criteria. Just as not everyone has the same face, not everyone has the same smile. This is also the basis of his personal emphasis on smile design. The teeth, lips, jaw, smile line mentioned in the previous parts of the article, etc. along with the variables, the general expression of the face and the “o” feeling that the patient wants to give with a smile also affect the entire process.

The two halves of a human face are not exactly symmetrical. Even for this reason, professional hairdressers do hair and beard cutting by evaluating the two halves of the face separately. The same is true in smile design. When you smile, the right part of your lip can be above or below, depending on the left part.

The teeth that you are constantly chewing on may be shorter, and the teeth in the other part of the mouth may be longer. He may want your upper front teeth to look longer, and your teeth may need to be made more or less prominent in the right-left view when you smile. In short, your smile is unique just like your face. Therefore, smile design is not a standard dental treatment. The Hollywood smile snap on teeth covers many treatments.

Why Is Hollywood Smile Teeth Made?

Hollywood smile snap on teeth provides healthy results.Along with the fact that our natural teeth are quite durable and functional, they are also fragile, prone to decay, and even doomed to fall out in many people at a certain age. Of course, the healthiest teeth are natural teeth. But at the same time, neglected, genetically weak teeth are intolerably harmful to our health. Some health problems that can be solved with Hollywood smile snap on teeth are as follows:

  • Decay and spontaneous fracture of teeth
  • Tooth enamel abrasions
  • Gum withdrawal
  • Missing teeth
  • Tooth tightening and related diseases
  • Bleeding and inflammation of the gums
  • Dental distortions that will require surgical intervention if they progress

Hollywood Smile Teeth Procedure

In the Hollywood smile snap on teeth application, which consists of many stages, a detailed examination is performed by the dentist at the first appointment. Taking into account the patient’s wishes, facial features, tooth and gum proportion, gender and age, the necessary procedures are planned for the correct smile design. All procedures are applied with the approval of the patient. For smile aesthetics; implants, dentures, bridges, teeth whitening, zirconium tooth coating, gum treatment, teeth resizing, lip shaping procedures or orthodontic treatment, aka wire treatment, can be planned if necessary.

When the plan made by the dentist is approved by the patient, gum treatment procedures can be started. After the dental deficiencies are corrected with the necessary procedures, the teeth can be reduced and whitened according to the dentist’s decision.If the planned treatment targets only dental and gum problems, smile aesthetics procedures can be completed in a few weeks. For patients who need orthodontic treatment, this process may be longer. The Hollywood smile snap on teeth can be done in this way.

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