Hollywood Smile Veneers

Hollywood smile veneers are those who have hereditary discoloration of their teeth, those who have some confusion in their teeth and do not want to wear wires for many years with orthodontic treatment and are looking for a smooth harmony compatibility in their teeth, those with dimensional differences in their teeth, those with separations in their teeth, patients with a high amount of abrasions and sensitivities in their teeth, etc. people can resort to leaf porcelain treatment. The dentist will inform you about whether you are a suitable lamina veneer patient after the clinical checks he has made.

Before the Hollywood smile veneers are made, mock-up work is done on the teeth so that you can get an idea of what kind of aesthetic appearance will be formed as a result. In this way, your idea of whether the lamina application will meet your expectations will be formed before the start of your treatment. After the decision is made, surface preparations are started on the teeth, and usually an etching with a thickness of 0.5mm is made from the tooth to create a surface, an area where the leaf will sit for porcelain.

This amount may vary depending on the case and tooth. Then, with the measurement taken from your teeth and the natural color selection, your porcelain will be sent for making. After the porcelains arrive, they are rehearsed and glued permanently if you like. In this way, your smile design will be transferred to your mouth.

What Are Hollywood Smile Veneers?

If the teeth have started to decay, the caries should be cleaned and filled. The types of fillings applied are composite and ceramic fillings. The composite filling adapts very well to the tooth. Although there are no caries on the teeth, composite filling is also used to correct minor aesthetic disorders for the front teeth. Ceramic fillings are aesthetic restorations used in cases that cannot be saved with composite fillings if the caries rate in the tooth is too high.

Some auxiliary treatments can be applied while Hollywood smile veneers application is performed. For example, if there is a high amount of perplexity in your tooth, more optimal results can be achieved with a much more minimally invasive approach with a short-term orthodontic treatment before the construction of porcelain. Or a small gum leveling process that will be performed before your porcelain is prepared can give a much more aesthetic appearance. It will be best for you to evaluate such conditions in detail at your dentist. Hollywood smile veneers can be described in this way.

Hollywood Smile Veneers Procedure

Sometimes you will have a beautiful smile with minimal abrasion, sometimes without touching the dise at all. Porcelain Hollywood smile veneers treatment; unwanted defects in teeth, discoloration of some drugs such as tetracycline, accidental falls v.b. it is a method that has been successfully used in the treatment of various visual problems, such as closing the openings between the teeth and correcting fractures formed on the edges of the teeth, as well as in the treatment of discoloration caused by causes and permanent decoloration of front tooth fillings that deteriorate color harmony. It is the definitive solution to get rid of the discoloration found on the teeth due to coffee, tea, or even cigarettes. After undergoing porcelain laminate veneer treatment, the teeth of individuals do not become colored again. Porcelain Hollywood smile veneers,you can be used for many years without problems. After the laminate veneer procedure, it is necessary to stay away from all coloring foods and beverages for a period of 2 weeks.

Zirconiums are easily used today on teeth in both the back and front area. These materials are a biocompatible material with a very high fracture resistance. They are also very successful in terms of aesthetics and health. Thanks to their light transmission properties, they provide an aesthetic appearance close to natural teeth. The gum fit of zirconium is very good. It is also anti-allergic. Zirconium does not color over time. If daily oral hygiene is paid attention to, it stays in the mouth for many years. When making a full ceramic crown or zirconium, the patient does not feel pain in any way, as local anesthesia will be performed during the procedure. The patient performs the function of eating and drinking with the temporary teeth installed until the actual teeth are inserted.

Hollywood Smile Veneers Design

Factors such as tea, coffee, cigarettes that you have been using for years before Hollywood smile veneers were made cause your smile to turn pale and your tooth color to darken and lose its former shine along with the wear of the enamel layer of the tooth.In addition, teeth that function with the past years wear out, fractures and cracks appear in the anterior region, while wear on the teeth in the posterior regions, shortening of the crown neck may occur.

These shortening of the back teeth, combined with melting and thinning of the jaw bones, leads to a depression in the overall appearance of the face. All this makes the person look old.All these problems can now be easily solved with different methods of aesthetic dentistry. While simple discoloration problems in the tooth are eliminated by the whitening process, ideal solutions are available for aesthetic problems in the anterior region with composite bonding or porcelain Hollywood smile veneers.

How are Hollywood Smile Veneers Made?

It would not be too accurate to say a certain age for Hollywood smile veneers. It is an application that can be made to every individual who has completed the age of 18 who is not satisfied with the appearance of his teeth. Hollywood smile veneers is an application suitable for long-lasting use if it is made correctly and by experts.

  • The whitening time may vary. Tons can be opened with an average of 40 minutes. Whiteness can be maintained for up to 1 year by paying attention to a person’s eating and drinking habits in order to protect the tooth.
  • Porcelain laminates are glued on the teeth. It is possible to achieve a white aesthetic smile with the use of lamina.
  • Zirconium is a technique that is used quite a lot. Since zirconium is a light-transmitting metal, it is effective in giving an aesthetic appearance. When these applications are made, it is necessary to consult a specialist physician.
  • In orthodontic technique, the intricate tooth structure is treated by applying porcelain brackets.
  • In implant treatment, the missing teeth are completed. An aesthetic appearance is given to the tooth.

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