How is Dental Implant Done?

How is a dental implant done, the question is often asked on many platforms. The implant operation is performed under local anesthesia, sedation or general anesthesia. In this operation, implants are placed in your jawbone and usually the implants are closed with the gum and switched to a waiting process called osseointegration. This waiting process varies depending on the procedure performed, your bone structure, but varies between 2-6 months. If bone insertion or sinus lift procedures have been performed, this period may be even longer.

At the end of the osseointegration period, parts called healing caps are attached to the implants that are fused to the bone to shape your gum. In this way, after waiting for about 1 week for your gum to take shape, the construction phase of your prosthesis begins. If the implants do not fuse with the bone, the implant is removed and the area is cleaned and a new implant is applied in its place. How is a dental implant done, its stages can consist of many processes. During this application, additional surgical procedures may sometimes be required and the waiting time may be prolonged.

Dental Implant Stages

How is a dental implant done, it consists of many stages. Dental implants are also called implant teeth, implant treatment, screw teeth. Teeth many people suffer from tooth loss due to caries, various diseases or accidents that develop due to different causes. In previous years, bridge and denture applications were usually the only treatment method for tooth loss, but today implants are placed in the jawbone with a simple operation when the bone is sufficient and suitable for the purpose of making fixed dentures .

It can be defined as the replacement tooth roots created on the jaw. Dental prostheses are placed on the screws that see the root intention. Implants can be placed in the cavities formed by previously lost teeth or in the tooth socket immediately after extraction if there is no serious infection.How is a dental implant done provides a strong foundation for permanent or removable teeth in a way that is compatible with the natural tooth roots.

How is Dental Implant Done Stages?

How is a dental implant done is a curious topic. It is one of the most curious questions of patients. Implant treatments consist of two stages: the surgical stage and the superstructure stage. The surgical procedure, the duration of which the implant is placed in the bone, is about 15 minutes for an implant under normal conditions. The total duration of the operation depends on some criteria, such as the condition of your bone and the number of implants to be placed, or the patient’s compliance.

Dental implants are placed in the jawbone under local anesthesia. Therefore, you will not feel pain during the operation. You may feel pain when the effect of anesthesia passes 3-4 hours after the operation. As this level of pain may vary from person to person, it is not in the form of unbearable pain. Of course, your doctor will prescribe painkillers to reduce these pains.

Dental implants offer many important advantages compared to traditional prostheses and bridges, which are often uncomfortable. Teeth that are left behind due to slipping and elongation limit a person’s ability to speak and eat normally. For this reason, many people feel good when they wear fixed dental prostheses. How is a dental implant done, it consists of many stages.

How is Dental Implant Done?

How is a dental implant done,a detailed examination is performed by the dentist first. Here, a detailed intraoral examination examines conditions such as the gums, the relationship of the lower and upper jaw and teeth to each other.. Different details can also be determined during the examination. In addition to classical radiographs, in complicated cases, three-dimensional tomography is taken and the same size model of the jaw is obtained on a special device and the areas where the implants will be placed are planned with the least error. The number of implants to be applied, the length and type of prostheses to be made on top of the implants are decided by the combined work of the maxillofacial surgeon and the dentist

The implant should be performed by a dentist with lower costs through dental implant coverage and a team that has received the necessary training on the implant. Implant placement is performed with local anesthesia like other dental treatments. The incision is made through the gum and the socket where the implant will be placed is opened in the bone with the appropriate tools. The implant is placed in this cylindrical slot again using special tools. The procedure may take an hour or a little more, depending on the number of implants to be applied.

How is a dental implant done , as a final process, after the implant prosthesis is fully inserted, a certain amount of time must elapse for it to integrate with the bone. You can change your eating habits during this process. Softer and warmer foods may be preferred. In addition, it can make their normal nutrition without placing a direct chewing load on the applied implants.

Advantages of Dental Implants

How is a dental implant done is being researched by users. Firstly, the implant is a metal used for the treatment of missing teeth and placed inside the jawbone. It is usually made of titanium material and takes on the root task.

  • Dental implants look like your own teeth and give you the feeling of natural teeth.
  • Provides the appearance of real teeth and offers a perfect appearance
  • Fluent speech provides the pleasure of being able to laugh
  • Ease of eatingSelf-confidence
  • Durability (can be used for a long time or even lifetime
  • Accordance
  • Dental Implant
  • Dental implant is one of the most frequently applied methods in recent years for the completion of missing teeth.
  • This method, also known as a dental implant, can be shown as an advanced alternative to the bridge and dental prosthesis applications that have been used much more widely in the past years.

Implant application, which has become prominent in dental treatments with the development of technology, is very important both in terms of providing an aesthetic appearance on the teeth, facilitating daily life and positively affecting oral health. How is a dental implant done, can be answered in this way.

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