How Much Hollywood Smile Cost in Turkey

How much Hollywood smile cost in Turkey is a question that is often asked. Turkey is one of the countries where dental treatments and aesthetic operations are performed the most. The prices are also quite affordable. First of all, the smile design should be investigated. It is the evaluation of the smile shape, covering detailed aesthetic analyses, in which a number of aesthetic criteria such as lips, gums, teeth are evaluated separately and in relation to each other.

Important factors in smile aesthetics; Lip level, tooth length, gum level, tooth color, tooth sequence, harmony of lips and teeth when we laugh and the harmony of factors such as the line of laughter are of great importance in the analysis of aesthetic smile.

For an effective smile aesthetics, both the teeth should be proportional to each other and to the face. There are many parameters that affect this.

  • The sizing of the decals according to a certain golden ratio between them.
  • There is no decoupling between the teeth.
  • Symmetrical formation of the gums surrounding the teeth.
  • In the smile position, the gums appear at a certain distance from the bottom of the lips.
  • The optimal level of the amount of appearance of teeth in the smile position.
  • Symmetrical arrangement of teeth according to the middle line.
  • The fact that the gums are completely healthy.
  • When talking, every letter that the sounds come out by hitting the teeth turns out to be correct and the phonation is beautiful.

How Much Hollywood Smile Cost in Turkey Design

The question of how much Hollywood smile cost in Turkey is often asked. Turkey prices are quite affordable. When designing a smile, the aesthetics of the region formed by the teeth and the aesthetics of the region formed by the gums are evaluated. For this purpose, first of all, it is evaluated at what level the gums should be on the photo, which teeth will be included in the design.Then, the dental gingival bone levels of the teeth are examined clinically and radiographically. Then the treatment plan is clarified.

In dental photography, both teeth and surrounding tissues are photographed. In addition to the photo for the information to be transferred to the dental laboratory, taking measurements is also important for 3-dimensional smile design. By taking videos and looking at the parts of the patient that are seen talking and laughing, it is determined what can be done about the teeth for optimal facial beauty.

Pink aesthetic covers the aesthetics of the gums, which wrap the teeth like a lace. Criteria such as the symmetrical gum levels, the fact that the gum color is light pink, which is a healthy gum color, and without bleeding, are the tricks evaluated for pink aesthetics. When the smile muscles are completely contracted, the upper lip is looked at at the level with the upper dental arch during laughing, called the laughing line November. The laughing line evaluates how much the teeth and pink gums look like. How much Hollywood smile cost in Turkey is a question determined during this process.

The Costs of Hollywood Smile Turkey

How much Hollywood smile cost in Turkey , dentists are often asked. First of all, the stages of treatment should be investigated. Since the upper gums appear more than they should in patients with gummy smile, the main goal is to reduce the level of appearance of the gums. When making a treatment plan, the thickness of the upper lip, November muscle tone, crown length of the upper teeth are evaluated. There are many alternative treatment plans. The gingival level can be taken up by cutting the gums, called gingivectomy.

Smile design price are planned specifically for the individual and vary depending on the type of treatments to be performed. For example, if the patient has a tooth deficiency, implant treatment is performed, or only a zirconium-plated tooth may be required. How much Hollywood smile cost in Turkey, smile design prices can be determined after your dentist’s examination.

How is Hollywood Smile Turkey Made?

How much Hollywood smile cost in Turkey is a question that is often asked. There is no doubt that professional photography is of great importance in smile design, especially for the evaluation of facial proportions and the proportions of intra-oral details. In dental photography, macro shots are taken to evaluate the position, size, and color of teeth. These photos are made by taking them from different angles. Using an intraoral photographic mirror specially produced in dental photography, a lower and upper jaw tooth arc reflection photo is taken.

The face ratio is also taken into account and millimetric measurement is made with special face arcs if necessary. With panoramic films, the harmony of the jaw bones, the posture of the teeth in the alveolar bone and their health are determined. With cephalometric films, the harmony and positions of the lower jaw relative to the upper jaw are evaluated. As a result of the films taken and the detailed dental examination, a treatment plan for optimal smile will be made. How much Hollywood smile cost in turkey can be determined in this way.

  • Gingivectomy
  • Teeth whitening
  • Bonding application (composite aesthetic fillings)
  • Orthodontic treatment (wire or radio orthodontics)
  • Implant treatment
  • Zirconium porcelain or porcelain veneers
  • Porcelain lamina applications
  • Pink aesthetic


Advantages of Hollywood Smile Cost in Turkey

How much Hollywood smile cost in Turkey, dentists are asked. There are a number of differences between being a woman or a man for an optimal smile. Depending on the type of face with a slightly more oval line in women, the planning of the tooth form with an oval contour has more aesthetic results. In males, on the other hand, sharper tooth forms are planned. Angular shape teeth better reflect the aesthetic difference in gender. Age is also an important criterion in smile design. Because with the progression of age, a decrease in the tone of the facial November occurs. Abrasions that occur on the enamel layer of the teeth, that is, on the hard tissue, also cause a person to lose self-confidence.

If you need to answer the question of how much Hollywood smile cost in turkey, Turkey is in a good place as a location. The treatment process is also provided with technological tools and a high-quality service approach. Compared to other countries, the prices are very affordable.

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