How Much Is For Four Dental Implant

How much for four dental implant, the question is often asked. First of all, it is necessary to talk about the technical part of this method. The all on four implant technique is a procedure that allows the dental prosthesis to be fixed on four dental implants placed at certain angles in complete toothless mouths in this method, called fixed prosthesis. The All on 4 implant technique has been developed over time. In patients with excessive tooth loss, all the missing teeth in the jaw are restored with a special prosthesis prepared only after 4 implants. This method is often used by dentists.

The biggest benefit of the procedure is that in cases where there is not much distance in the jawbone, the teeth can be prepared in as little as 1 week without the need for additional procedures that take a long time to heal, such as bone grafting or sinus.  The all on four treatment concept provides more successful results in subjects such as function, aesthetics, taste and speech compared to the alternative treatments previously applied. How much for four dental implant is a topic that is wondered by patients who will be treated. All these procedures and prices may vary depending on the patient’s dental structure and the treatment method to be applied.

It is quite advantageous to apply implant treatment to four teeth in this way. It is preferred by dentists because there is not much pain in both the construction process and the healing process. Patients are also informed by the dentist, who determines the number of teeth to be implanted according to the appropriate number of teeth after the examination.

How Much For Four Dental Implants

How much for four dental implant is one of the most researched topics. Firstly, the emergence of the all on for technique has emerged as a new implant technique to apply fixed prosthesis in cases where normal implant treatment becomes impossible, such as the proximity of the sinus cavities to the implant site or the fact that the lower jawis too close to the implant site due to bone loss.

Placing the implants left behind at a 45 degree with technical knowledge allows both the use of long materials and application to safe areas away from anatomical formations.Since the requirements for performing procedures with long recovery times, such as bone ogmentation or sinus lifting, are eliminated, the recovery time is shortened and the patient can regain his teeth in a short time.How much for four dental implant, it is the stages of the implant construction process that are much more important than the question.

Four Dental Implant Prices

How much for four dental implant is a frequently searched topic on the internet. Prices are very important for every patient. But the stages of implant construction and benefits are more important than the price. Dental implants have undergone design, material and technological changes many times over time. However, nowadays, as a design, the two-part intra-bony cylindrical implants that we have mentioned above are most often preferred.

Intra-bone cylindrical implants can be produced from different materials such as titanium, zircotitan and zirconium as materials. Titanium implants are more successful and economical because they are well attached to the bone. However, it is not suitable for use in people with titanium allergies. Zirconium implants, on the other hand, have been developed specifically for safe use in individuals with such metal allergies, but they are more expensive.How much for four dental implants, the question can be answered in this way.

Advantages of Four Dental Implants

  • The question of how much for four dental implant is often asked to dentists. First of all, let’s explain the implant treatment. It is a form of treatment with a high success rate.
  • It helps to prevent bone loss.
  • The treatment and recovery process is short and painless.
  • Since the implant and prosthesis procedure is performed on the same day, the patient does not experience much difficulty.
  • Improvement is achieved in speech and chewing functions.
  • It provides relief for patients who have difficulty using mobile prostheses.
  • With the aesthetic contribution, the patient’s self-confidence increases.
  • The cost is lower due to the use of a small number of implants.

All On Four treatment can be applied to all patients without full teeth who do not have any systemic diseases that would be an obstacle to dental implant surgery and have sufficient bone volume. It is especially recommended for patients without bones in the posterior areas of the jaws. It is very important for patients to get fixed teeth on the same day.The question of how much for four dental implant is very important from this point of view.

Stages of Four Dental Implant

How much for four dental implant is one of the most frequently asked questions during the treatment process. If you want to have long-lasting implants, you should definitely have a sufficient and strong jawbone. Today, sinus base elevation and bone enhancement procedures are often used in clinics to increase bone. As its own bone can be used to create new bone, it may be necessary to apply cattle-derived or synthetic materials. Although you do not have to pay a fee for grafts that can be taken from different parts of the mouth, a bone transplant for an implant requires additional surgery.

The total cost of the treatment varies depending on how many screws will be applied and whether you need any other treatment for general oral health before the procedure. When you want to have an implant instead of a missing tooth, there are many factors that affect the overall cost of treatment.

How much for four implant, to answer the question, one of the most important issues is the brand. Implant brand and retail price: Especially dentists’ pricing policies are different from each other.The brand of implant used is the most determining factor on prices. Each company works to produce the most affordable implant in accordance. There may be a lot of difference even between the prices of two different implants, such as titanium and zirconium, which are offered to the market by the same brand.


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