How to Do a Dental Implant?

How to do a dental implant is question of being investigated by many people. First of all, dental implant applications have been used for many years and have entered among the routine treatment methods with high success rates.When proper care is provided, it is expected to remain in the mouth for life. The purpose of dental implant application is to support the prostheses made to replace missing teeth or teeth by improving patient comfort, function and aesthetics and to help the tissues inside and outside the mouth function for a longer time.

In order for an implant to stay in the mouth for a long time, there must be sufficient bone volume around it. Dental implants produced in different sizes and diameters are used in patients who do not have sufficient bone volume, and various advanced surgical techniques are used, bone powder, etc. the implant is made applicable by making use of its supporting materials.

How to do a dental implant , at the first stage, the implant procedure is performed under local anesthesia in the office environment. It is a completely painless procedure. If the patient follows the recommendations of the physician after the operation, he can continue his normal daily life without too much trouble.

How to Do a Dental Implant Stages?

How to do a dental implant is one of the most frequently asked questions. It is examined by a dentist to check whether it is suitable for the implant. The patient is also informed about the process and treatment begins.

  • First of all, the tooth area is numbed to prevent the occurrence of pain or pain.
  • Then the implant area around the tooth is cleaned.
  • After the necessary checks, after the area to be implanted is numbed, gum removal is performed with the help of a screw on the tooth where the implant will be applied. Recovery is expected after this process. As a result of the recovery, the emergency dental implants process is completed by inserting the prosthesis section.
  • The recovery period varies between 3-6 months. After this process is completed, the implant is completed by attaching to the screw.

How to do a dental implant, sometimes it may also need to be done urgently. Situations where an implant needs to be made urgently are usually when the tooth is pulled out immediately. Doing it immediately after tooth extraction gives healthier results. Due to the fact that the gum is more compatible during this time, the healing process is also shortened. It is also very important that it is done without losses in the bone region.

Features of Dental Implant

How to do a dental implant , before the question, it is necessary to talk about what features of the implant are and what works. First of all, the material of the implant usually consists of titanium. Since titanium is the most suitable material for the tooth structure, it is compatible with the jaw. Implant is one of the most commonly performed dental treatment methods today. As a result of deforming or missing teeth over time, it is aimed to treat the teeth by implanting them in their place in the jaw structure. If the teeth are missing, both changes in the jaw structure occur and chewing function may be lost. In addition, psychological problems may also occur in a person due to these disorders. Since the implant is made of titanium, which is the most suitable material for the tooth structure, it allows the restoration of chewing function. It is one of the most widely used treatment methods today.

The advantage of implant treatment over other treatments is that there is no damage to neighboring teeth. In other words, close teeth do not need to be cut. Most of the other dental treatment methods can be cut on the teeth located on the sides.

It is a type of dental treatment that is considered one of the most preferred and successful treatments for lost teeth and that we recommend to our patients. Dysfunction, irreparable image impairment and tooth loss in;

  • Inability to perform eating and drinking tasks
  • To prevent the distortion of the sound
  • Its appearance should be stylish and aesthetic
  • Long service life and generally trouble-free
  • The satisfaction rate is high
  • Ability of the natural tooth to perform its duties
  • Does not cause a change in the person’s facial appearance

for various reasons, such as various reasons, this method is better and is considered a more permanent solution. You can’t tell the tooth from the outside, it looks the same as a normal tooth. How to do a dental implant, the question can be explained in this way.

Advantages of Dental Implants

How to do a dental implant , the question is asked to dentists on many platforms. The most important stage of dental implant applications and all surgical procedures is planning. In order for the forces coming to the implant to be met correctly and transmitted to the bone properly, it is necessary to place the implant in the right position, at the right angle, at the right thickness.

Panoramic radiographs used in planning give an idea only about the height of the bone and the distance between the teeth. It does not provide information about bone thickness. Additional operations are also needed to be able to make accurate measurements. October 2019. It is of critical importance to make accurate measurements in order not to damage the anatomical structures of the environment. Especially in implant surgeries performed on the lower jaw, maximum care is taken not to damage the nerves that pass through the jaw and provide the sensation of the lip.

Dental Implant Prices

How to do a dental implant question and implant prices are the most frequently asked topics. First of all, due to the nature of implant treatment, the cost cannot be created as if a standard filling determines the price. Implant prices, which have many and person-to-person variables, and the implant price calculation method are completely personalized. If it is necessary to list the factors that make up this cost;

  • Materials and characteristics to be used in the treatment of a person; such as being a domestic or imported product.
  • If the person’s jaw bones are not strong enough for implant treatment, there are special situations, such as whether a strengthening operation will be performed.
  • Duration of treatment.
  • The number of teeth to which implant treatment will be applied.
  • Support or additional treatments that can be done to eliminate problems that may also be noticed after starting treatment. How to do a dental implant is determined by evaluating many conditions after a detailed examination.

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