Immediate Implant

Immediate implant is an implant method that is performed urgently in some cases. It is performed quickly by dentists. Teeth may deform or decrease over time. There are many reasons for this. Many factors such as tooth decay, illness, discomfort, trauma or accidental tooth loss lead to tooth loss. Therefore, in some cases, it may be necessary to have an implant urgently as soon as the tooth is pulled out. In such cases, immediate implant treatment is performed. In some cases, an implant can be applied quickly when there is a possibility of melting of the jaw structure, deterioration of bone structure.

An immediateimplant is an artificial root that is placed in the jaw structure in the form of a screw. In addition, the material of the implant usually consists of titanium. Since titanium is the most suitable material for the tooth structure, it is compatible with the jaw. Implant is one of the most commonly performed dental treatment methods today. Sometimes the duration of the session can also be extended depending on the structure of the tooth and jaw. A person’s age, condition, or bone structure is very important in determining the duration.

What is an Immediate Implant?

Immediate implant is a dental treatment method. It is applied in cases where an implant is needed urgently. In order for the jaw to be compatible with the implant and to be used for many years, it must be suitable for the jawbone. If the bone structure is not enough, it is also supplemented with bone powder. It is one of the most preferred methods of treatment among the methods of decontamination. Thousands of people are given implant treatment every year. This method is preferred instead of prosthesis, especially for dental deficiencies.

Melting in the jaw structure may occur over time in the area where the missing tooth is located. Therefore, it will be more difficult to make an implant. In cases where tooth loss occurs, it is necessary to be examined by a dentist as soon as possible. Thus, it will be easier to apply this treatment method while the bone structure has not yet been deformed. The duration of treatment may be different for everyone.

Depending on many factors, the treatment process may change. In some cases, different treatment methods may also be preferred, while in some cases, only the dental immediate implant method is applied. For a quality treatment process, the recommendations and instructions of the dentist should also be followed. There are a number of rules that must be followed in order for the treatment process to be successful.

How is an Immediate Implant Performed?

Immediate implants are performed with many stages. Especially the stages of screwing teeth and placing dentures are very important. Instead of missing teeth, titanium material it is applied with the placement of the resulting implants. In this treatment performed by dentists, the structure of the teeth and jaw is very important. The ability of the jaw to be compatible with the implant and for many years it must be suitable for the jawbone to be used. If the bone structure is not enough, also with bone powder it is supported.

  • First of all, the dentist examines the patient and makes a detailed analysis.
  • In some cases, an X-ray is taken to analyze the tooth structure.
  • If there are no caries or teeth that require root canal treatment, implant application is started as a priority.
  • Gum removal is performed after the tooth is numbed.
  • The healing process is expected after the screwing. The tooth area should heal within about 3 months.
  • If the bone structure is suitable, healing can also occur in shorter periods of time. If bone powder is needed, an additional procedure is performed.
  • With the installation of the latest prosthesis, the immediate implant process is completed.

Features of Immediate Implant

The immediate implant is recommended to patients by dentists according to the condition of the tooth due to its urgent operation. In some cases, it may be necessary to have an implant without wasting time. It is a method applied in such cases. The general characteristics of the immediate implant are as follows;

  • It consists of a screw and a prosthesis made of titanium material. It is applied at different times.
  • It is durable for many years. If the teeth are well cared for, the use time will be extended.
  • It is applied in the treatment of missing teeth. Implant application can be performed quickly.
  • It can be applied easily without the need to cut the teeth on the sides.
  • The recovery period lasts 3-6 months.

In some cases, different treatment methods may also be preferred, while in some cases only dental the implant method is applied. According to the recommendations of the dentist for a quality treatment process and your instructions should also be followed. A number of rules that must be followed for the treatment process to be successful is available. For a successful implant treatment process, the rules must be followed. Smoking and alcohol should not be consumed to shorten the recovery time. Too hot or too hot after treatment cold foods should also not be consumed. In addition, the tooth is used to provide healing in a short time in this process the instructions of the physician should be followed. In case of pain after treatment, the dentist takes painkillers he can prescribe. You can consult your dentist during this process.

The Advantages of Immediate Implant

The immediate implant has many advantages. Implant treatment, which is preferred by thousands of people a year, can also be performed urgently. The knowledge and experience of the dentist is very important in this process. Titanium implants manufactured in accordance with the active ingredients of the tooth must be applied correctly.

  • Visually, it provides a very aesthetic image. It creates an image similar to real teeth.
  • While eating, it allows the chewing function to be regained.
  • It allows oral health to be restored.
  • It allows the tooth roots to be more durable.
  • It is the most suitable treatment method for the natural tooth structure.
  • You will not feel any pain or pain because the tooth is numbed during the treatment. There is nothing to be afraid of because the tooth is numbed during treatment. There may also be very little pain after treatment, but your dentist may prescribe painkillers for this.

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