Model Broad with a Hollywood Smile

Model broad with a Hollywood smile is seen on many clinic pages. A beautiful smile provides advantages in many areas of life. It increases the success both in our appearance and in our communication. Here is smile design, medicine and art are applied together to give a beautiful smile.Vertical tooth visibility is the height of the lip relative to the upper incisors, or upper incisors.

Normally, when the upper lip reaches the tooth-gum border, it is normal to see the entire Decussation of the gums and upper incisors between the teeth. The high lip line shows the entire clinical crown and the adjacent gum tissue band. The low lip line is less visible than the entire upper front teeth. Since the lip line of women is slightly higher than that of men, very little gum visibility in a smile is considered normal for women.

The pose is the relationship between the line Deceptively drawn along the edges of the upper front teeth in a smile and the inner contour of the lower lip, the curvature tends to flatten out as women age.During a smile, the upper lip is evaluated from the midpoint to the corner of the mouth. If the corner of the mouth is higher than the midpoint of the lip, it is called above, flat if it is flush, below if it is below. It is thought that the above and straight lip curvatures are more aesthetic than the following.The model broad with a Hollywood smile is shown in this way.

What is the Model Broad with a Hollywood Smile?

The model broad with a Hollywood smile is photographed from many angles. The scope of smile design treatment varies according to patients. Because this treatment method is specially designed and applied to the individual. We can list the methods applied within the scope of this treatment as follows:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Implant smile aesthetics
  • Types of porcelain, composite and ceramic coatings
  • Veneers smile design
  • Lip contouring process
  • Lamina porcelain treatment
  • Orthodontic treatments

Before this method, the patient decides together with the dentist which procedures will be performed during his treatment. First of all, structural problems are fixed. Then, other procedures determined by the dentist are performed to give the patient an aesthetic smile.The model broad with a Hollywood smile is made in this way.

What is the Model Smile?

The model broad with a Hollywood smile is seen in many brochures and clinic pages. This smile, which looks quite beautiful, is also made after certain treatments.The process of smile aesthetic treatment consists of different stages. The first step of these stages is the diagnosis of the patient’s ailments. After the examination, appropriate treatment methods that can be used for the patient are determined. In the second step, aesthetic smile design is made in accordance with the patient’s wishes in a computer environment using software.



The third stage is primarily the stage where problems related to oral and dental health are treated. At this stage, structural problems such as caries treatment, gum disorders are treated. The fourth stage is the process in which coating and whitening applications are made. In this process, tooth deficiencies or deformities in the tooth are eliminated by implant or coating applications.At the last stage, the finishing touches necessary for the smile design are made. Teeth whitening, pink aesthetics and tooth cleaning procedures are performed.The model broad with a Hollywood smile is completed in this way.

Hollywood Smile Design

Model broad with a Hollywood smile, a quality smile design Smile design is a branch of dentistry that enters the aesthetic field. Nowadays, dental treatments are performed together with smile aesthetics. Aesthetics is one of the very important concepts in human life. One of the elements that makes a person feel good and gain self-confidence is visual aesthetics. Visual aesthetics covers all of the eyes, nose and teeth.With the development of technology, dental treatments have also improved. Dental design applications are also the clearest indicator of this. Patients are now showing more demand for these applications.

Laughing is a condition that identifies with a person. However, when we laugh, if we do not have an aesthetic image, it negatively affects the person in a psychological sense. This situation, which is reflected in social relations, also brings with it the problem of self-confidence.Research shows that a person’s aesthetic smile and his life overlap with each other. Self-confidence, the environment and human social communication are connected with this. For this reason, smile design is also defined as one of the techniques in which dentistry is combined with art and applied. Today, especially the new generation of dental treatments are performed by performing smile design.The model broad with a Hollywood smile is given to the patient in this way.

How is Hollywood Smile Dental Performed?

Model broad with a Hollywood smile is an advantageous situation in many ways. Smile design is the process of eliminating elements that cause appearance disorders in patients for various reasons. In the treatment, it is aimed to give a natural appearance by taking into account the facial shape and needs of patients.

This treatment method includes many different areas of dentistry.With medical interventions performed on the teeth and gums, the patient is given a beautiful, aesthetic appearance. This design method is made by taking into account the facial structure, skin color, tooth and gum structure, lips and jaw. It is the process of correcting the appearance and structure of aesthetically deteriorated teeth.

Before the design of the method, also known as model broad with a Hollywood smile, the measurement of the patient’s teeth is taken on the computer. Then, photos and videos of the tooth structure are taken so that the patient’s smile design can be made. Thanks to the software used, the most suitable smile design is prepared for the patient.Thanks to software programs, the most compatible appearance between the patients’ tooth structure, decals, lips and face is determined.

Thus, a natural and aesthetic smile suitable for the patient is created. The designs are unique to the person. At the end of these processes, at the end of the first session, one of the designs presented to the patient’s liking is selected.After the selected design, the treatment of carious teeth is performed first. If there is a problem with the gums, this situation will be solved. After the treatment of dental and gum disorders, the measurement of the patient’s teeth is taken.


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