Perfect Hollywood Smile

Perfect Hollywood smile design; aesthetically, the appearance of the damaged teeth and gums is to make the ideal appearance by taking into account the patient’s expectations, needs and face shape. Multiple applications for smile aesthetics are performed together within the framework of a program that the physician and the patient will plan together.

Perfect Hollywood smile design, one of the orthodontic procedures, is a general name given to treatments in which various procedures are performed on gum aesthetics and dental aesthetics. Many people think that these procedures are applied only to people who have decayed teeth, lack of teeth and gaps between teeth. However, people who have smooth teeth but have tooth and gum incompatibility can also get this service. As the name suggests, this treatment method gives you a healthier and more aesthetic smile.

This procedure, which is suitable for every patient who is afraid to show his teeth, has enabled thousands of people to have self-confidence thanks to the beautiful smiles it provides.It is the creation of a smile shape that includes detailed aesthetic analyses in which a number of aesthetic criteria such as lips, gums, teeth are evaluated separately and in relation to each other. With the digital smile design, it is possible to scan the person’s face and inside of the mouth, adding the radiological image taken with three-dimensional imaging when necessary, to ensure this integrity by analyzing all aspects and designing a personalized smile.

How to Make a Perfect Hollywood Smile?

The application first begins with the removal of problems in the teeth and gums. For this purpose, caries on the teeth, if any, is cleaned and tooth extraction is performed if necessary. At this point, all the patient’s aesthetic expectations should be understood correctly by the physician. Subsequently, measurements are taken from the patient’s mouth, models are determined and planning is made. Similarly, implant and surgical operations are also applied if necessary.

Through the programs used before the applications, the closest image that will be formed after the treatment is presented to the patient and the process is continued by taking the patient’s opinion. If necessary, orthodontic treatments are applied according to the patient’s mouth and jaw structure. If there are level disorders in the gums, procedures are performed to regulate them. After the completion of orthodontic treatment and surgical procedures, teeth whitening is performed if necessary. After all the stages, visual and formal disorders are eliminated with composite fillings. Coatings can also be made if deemed necessary at this stage.

Parameters such as the individual’s facial features, eyes, ears, nose, chin tip are taken into account when making the perfect Hollywood smile design. When determining dental forms, it is essential to ensure a dynamic harmony with the person’s style. The shape of the lips is also important in the treatment to be performed. The lip and chin area can be supplemented with procedures such as botox, fillers if necessary.

The Perfect Hollywood Smile Procedure

Perfect Hollywood smile design is one of the most preferred aesthetic applications of recent years. This procedure, which is applied to patients who are not satisfied with their smile, is applied on the gums and teeth. During the treatment, the problems of the patients’ gums and teeth are resolved first of all. The bad and undesirable appearance of the teeth and gums is corrected, ensuring that all the teeth become compatible with each other. After the procedures to be applied, the most beautiful smile is revealed by ensuring maximum harmony between the gums, teeth and lips.

Perfect Hollywood smile design studies first start in the digital environment. The orthodontist makes all the technical corrections such as the dental arrangement of the patient, the position of the gums, the dental posture in the digital environment. In all of the procedures performed, the most ideal perfect Hollywood smile is designed according to the patient’s mouth structure. After determining the smile design, the stage of determining the appropriate treatment method is passed in order to proceed to the application stage. After the selection made together with the patient, the application of the necessary treatment begins and the treatment is completed.

The Price of Making a Perfect Hollywood Smile

With the software developed specifically for the orthodontics sector, the patient’s mouth and tooth structure are put under examination with the whole. A harmony between the gums, tooth structure and lips is achieved through decals to capture an aesthetic, natural smile to match the patient’s mouth structure. The final approval of the patient is obtained in order for the prepared design to be applied. If approval is given to the digital perfect Hollywood smile design, the relevant treatment method is determined and the procedures are started. The orthodontist starts the necessary procedures by specifying a treatment method specifically for the patient. When the treatment will be completed varies depending on the patient’s tooth and mouth structure. That’s why the process works differently for everyone.

Perfect Hollywood smile design prices may differ from patient to patient, just as applications vary from person to person. At this point, the applications and treatments deemed necessary for the patient become effective. Therefore, it is necessary to contact the physician in order to get detailed information about the prices. After the first examination to be performed by the physician, the cost of treatment and applications can be calculated by making a planning according to the needs and expectations of the patient.

The Perfect Hollywood Smile Design

One of the things that people with dental disorders want most is to be able to laugh freely. Many people are worried about not being able to laugh for the rest of their lives and going out in public. The only way to get out of this situation and laugh freely is through the application of perfect Hollywood smile design. For a successful application, the patient’s oral structure is first examined. During the first examination performed by a specialist orthodontist, the patient’s oral structure, tooth structure, gum structure are examined. In order to make a perfect Hollywood smile design, photos and videos of the mouth structure and tooth structure are taken and the digital scanning stage is started. Together with digital scanning, the most appropriate design and treatment method is determined for the patient. The advantages it provides;

  • Teeth suitable for a more natural-looking facial jaw are obtained.
  • The colors of the teeth become clearer.
  • Gums get a healthier appearance.
  • A beautiful shining tooth, a smile is achieved.
  • Fractures in the teeth are corrected.

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