The Hollywood Smile

The Hollywood smile, if defined in general, is the lip shaping with whitening, zircon coating, bonding and gum operations to ensure that people have the smile they want, and the tooth length is adjusted accordingly to the face. When smile design is made, it is aimed to achieve a normal and natural appearance of the gum and to eliminate cracks, fractures and closing problems found on the tooth surface.

Before The Hollywood smile is performed, your doctor should definitely start the procedure by taking into account a comprehensive examination and some criteria. It should be checked whether your gums and teeth are prone to such a procedure in general, and every detail such as skin color, lips should be taken into account.

All your problems related to dental and gum aesthetics, your problems, apart from your health-based problems, are completely aesthetically related to the problem of your tooth, the process in which you will receive personalized support by a dentist on issues that you think are considered at once is dental aesthetics. Dental aesthetics, in short, means that you get the best support in smile design related to your problems related to all the teeth and gums on your crooked teeth, worn or stained teeth, from the fact that your teeth have been chipped as a result of improper treatment in accordance with its purpose.

You are working with your specialist dentist one-on-one to develop an appropriate treatment plan in this area, complete the information and planning before the treatment process by working with a computer with the support of an aesthetic dentist. In these processes, the planning of the entire smile design can be removed with the examination before the treatment.

What is The Hollywood Smile?

The Hollywood smile is a chain of aesthetic operations that provides an increase in oral and dental health, as well as a person’s self-confidence. For this reason, the cost of the Hollywood smile design varies depending on the type of treatments considered necessary.For example, if an implant is being made, the price is different, and if orthodontic or prosthetic treatment is being made, the price will be different. For this reason, the net price can be determined only and only as a result of the examinations performed by your doctor.

The Hollywood smile design, it is possible to reduce discoloration, abrasion and asymmetry that occur in the mouth and teeth due to the aging process or congenital. Face shape, gender, age, smile shape, colors of teeth, lips and gums are the factors that determine the aesthetic the Hollywood smile design. It is the correct and aesthetic repositioning of the teeth by taking into account all these factors in smile design.

Smile design is the technique of applying ideal aesthetic prostheses suitable for a person’s mouth, teeth and facial anatomy. Many dental treatments such as porcelain zirconium coatings, orthodontics, teeth whitening, tanning technique, pink aesthetics and implant surgery are actually parts of the whole that makes up smile design.


The Hollywood Smile Design

Before sorting out the treatment scope of the Hollywood smile design, if we need to specify the sine qua non of a perfect smile, first of all, the teeth should be healthy.The main treatment options used in smile design are;

  • Laminate applications, also called leaf porcelain
  • Empress porcelain and Zirconium porcelain applications
  • Aesthetic fillings (Composite white fillings and bonding systems)
  • Porcelain filling applications
  • Orthodontic treatment applications
  • Gum aesthetics
  • The Hollywood Smile design and digital planning
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental jewelry

Before all these applications, a planning should be made taking into account criteria such as the person’s gender, age, skin color or face shape.

The Stages of The Hollywood Smile

Detailed photos of the patient are taken at the clinic. The measurement of teeth and soft tissues is taken. The measurement model taken is scanned with special computer programs. The symmetry of the teeth, the appearance of the lips, the structure of the gum should be reviewed. First of all, pink aesthetics, that is, in order for the gums to be healthy and compatible with newly made prostheses, the treatment of soft tissues that will cause problems should be completed.

The infrastructure of zirconium porcelain is prepared in a laboratory environment on models and with the help of a computer program. This zirconium infrastructure, which will serve as a support, is rehearsed in the clinic. In this rehearsal, the harmony of the gums, the length, color and shape of the teeth, their appearance are carefully reviewed. A measurement is taken from the patient again. Taking into account the details in the rehearsal, the zirconium teeth are shaped. After the patient’s approval is obtained, new dentures are cemented to the teeth. The complete completion of the treatment takes about 10 days.

The Hollywood Smile Features

When preparing the Hollywood smile design, first of all, it should be learned in detail what the patient expects from this application. Later, the patient’s oral cavity and structure are examined and the problems are detected by the dentist. After the patient’s facial structure and oral cavity are photographed, they are transferred to a computer environment and measured. After the necessary arrangements are made on the photo, an image close to the appearance that will occur as a result of the application is shown to the patient and the treatment and applications to be performed are explained. After obtaining the patient’s approval for the draft the Hollywood smile design, the following applications are usually performed according to the problems in the patient’s mouth structure:

  • Elimination of tooth alignment disorders
  • Closing of the gaps between the teeth without Decapitation
  • Elimination of problems with the gum and its level
  • Ensuring the harmony of the cheeks and lips and teeth
  • Treatment of crooked and broken teeth
  • Whitening of teeth for the elimination of discoloration
  • Performing caries and root canal treatments
  • Completion of missing teeth with implants or bridges
  • Dermal filler and botox application

These applications are carried out within a certain sequence. For example, when root canal treatment is performed, a certain period of time is expected for its recovery. some applications can also be made on the same day.

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