Turkey Hollywood Smile

Turkey Hollywood smile design is a well-known aesthetic operation center by many people. Many people come to Turkey and have dental and other aesthetic operations. First of all, information should be given about the Hollywood smile. It is the process of creating a smile that is compatible with a person’s lower and upper lip structure, nose, eyes and general facial features. Pink aesthetics is also related to many branches of dentistry, such as teeth whitening, tooth length equalization, orthodontics and implant treatments, in order to obtain an image appropriate to age and gender, face, dental health.

The smile design should be completely individual. Therefore, it requires a meticulous planning.You should know that smile design is a very easy and comfortable application thanks to the developing technology. First, the general health of your teeth is examined by taking a dental X-ray, and then a special smile is designed for you with the help of 3-dimensional technologies. It is possible to see the smile you will get during the examination. Turkey Hollywood smile is performed according to a certain procedure.

Features of Turkey Hollywood Smile

When making a Turkey Hollywood smile, caries is removed first, dental calculi are cleaned, gum diseases are eliminated.After that;

  • Extension of the tooth length
  • Leaf porcelain dental veneers
  • Gum aesthetics
  • Orthodontics
  • Implant
  • Smile design is made by using treatments such as fillers.

Leaf tooth coatings are one of the important materials of smile design aesthetics. Lamina leaf tooth coatings are applied to the tooth surface to achieve a natural and aesthetic tooth appearance.Sometimes medical aesthetic applications can also be used to help during smile design. Smile can be brought to the forefront with applications such as dermal fillers performed on the lips and facial areas.Although the most important thing in smile design is the wishes of the person, there are rules for a perfect smile.

First of all, the gum level should be compatible with the lip level and the tooth alignment should be smooth. It is not enough that the teeth are just symmetrical. At the same time, the golden ratio should be captured with the mouth, jaw structure and face shape of the teeth. This is where the dentist’s opinions and recommendations are of great importance. At the same time, it should not affect the person’s facial expressions. Turkey Hollywood smile is quite famous. Successful operations are carried out.

How to Make a Turkey Hollywood Smile?

The first step in Turkey Hollywood smile design is to determine the aesthetic expectations of the patient correctly. It is very important. Problems are determined and plans are made on the models prepared through measurements taken from the patient’s mouth.

  • Then, measurements are made with the help of special programs in the computer environment with intraoral and facial photos of the patients and their face fit is calculated. The images that come to the proximity that will occur after the treatment are again presented to the patient with temporary restorations prepared in accordance with the patient’s mouth with the help of programs, and their ideas are taken.
  • If there is no need for orthodontic treatment after the completion of the planning stage, the level disorders that exist in the gums are regulated first. In cases where dental deficiencies are found, planned implant procedures and other necessary surgical interventions are performed.
  • After the recovery periods of surgical applications are completed, procedures such as teeth whitening, tartar removal are performed if necessary. After this stage, the visual and formal disorders that exist in the teeth can sometimes be eliminated with composite fillings. In cases where this method is insufficient, porcelain laminated and coatings or zirconium coatings come into play.
  • Porcelain laminated intra-teeth are usually either not etched at all or minimal etchings are made. If zirconium or porcelain applications are considered appropriate, the patient’s ideas are taken again during rehearsals during the stages and changes can be made upon their requests. During all these gum and dental applications and rehearsals, the contour and shape of the lips are taken into account and the final form of the targeted design is given. Turkey Hollywood smile is performed with these treatments.

Advantages of Turkey Hollywood Smile

Turkey Hollywood smile is advantageous in many ways.

  • The most important advantage that smile design will provide to a person will be to increase a person’s self-confidence. In addition, the teeth and gums look healthier, the person gets a radiant, flawless smile and has teeth suitable for the face type.
  • It can be applied in accordance with one’s own expectations without creating any problems. The aim here is to eliminate the aesthetic problem that bothers the person and to eliminate the social phobia that it creates in the person. People who have smile design done, unlike before, do not hesitate to laugh without aesthetic concerns and they have treated all kinds of problems that exist in their mouth during the smile design process. As a result, they will have both healthy teeth and a flawless smile.
  • As people get older, changes occur in their facial features. Wrinkles and loosening in the mouth area begin to appear. After this relaxation, the teeth may become less visible and this causes the person to look older than they are. By gum retractions, missing teeth, you may be faced with situations that directly affect your smile and self-confidence. Turkey Hollywood smile can be determined in this way.

Turkey Hollywood Smile Prices

Turkey Hollywood smile prices are quite affordable. Their prices are cheap compared to other countries due to exchange rate differences and many other reasons. In addition, high-quality and successful dental operations are performed. Not only the teeth alone become important in smile design, but also the aesthetics of the gums. First of all, if the patient does not need surgical and orthodontic treatments, the gum health is restored and the levels of the gums are regulated.

Changes in the color, position, size and shape of teeth; bleaching processes are rearranged with zirconium ceramic, full ceramic or lamina veneer ceramic applications. Missing teeth are removed with implant applications or bridge treatments if possible. In smile design, the symmetry, fullness and posture of the lips according to the smile line are just as important as the teeth and gums. Smile design can be completed with small interventions on the lips if necessary. Turkey Hollywood smile covers all treatment processes.

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