What is a Dental Implant?

What is a dental implant is one of the most researched dental treatment methods. artificial tooth roots that will be replaced by teeth that are lost for equal reasons and cause a lack of function are called implants.These artificial tooth roots are screws made of titanium alloy. The main task of the implant is to replace the missing tooth root and restore the function of the lost oral and dental function.

In this way, an implanted tooth is obtained that can be used as a natural tooth without damaging the bone tissue.In order for implant therapy to be successfully applied, it is very important that the patient has completed bone development and that the jaw structure is appropriate. If the jawbone development is incomplete, this problem is resolved with various preliminary treatments and implant treatment can be started. What is a dental implant, the question is often raised.

Implant treatment is also possible for patients using fully mobile prostheses. Implant treatment can also be performed in cases where there are no teeth in the mouth. If there is no obstacle caused by the jawbone, implant treatment can be started on the same day, if any, after the bone formation process. In this way, the use of mobile prosthesis ends and it is possible to have much more useful, natural-looking teeth.Patients with chronic conditions should definitely inform their specialist dentist and get permission from their doctor before implant treatment.

How is Dental Implant Done?

What is a dental implant is one of the most frequently researched topics. The stages of implant and implant construction are very important.

  • Before starting treatment, it is necessary to measure the jaw bones and the remaining teeth. In this way, it is possible to prepare the most suitable prosthetic tooth for the patient’s tooth and mouth structure. An X-ray film will also be needed to measure the jawbone.
  • The element that patients are really curious about what an implant is, may also be the stage of implant placement. This process can be performed by 2 different methods. The first is the installation of a temporary cap immediately after the implant is inserted.
  • In the second method, the implant is placed and closed using the gum. It is expected that recovery will take place for some time. After that, the installation of prosthetic teeth is performed. After the titanium screw is inserted, it is necessary to wait 3 months for the lower jaw and 6 months for the upper jaw. In this way, a full recovery will be achieved.
  • Recently, the topic of what is a dental implant can also cover new techniques. Zirconium is a material that offers a whiteness close to natural teeth and is also often used in dental veneers. This substance, which does not leave a metallic taste in the mouth, reflects light and does not cause color change, also has no harm to the body.


What is the Characteristics of a Dental Implant?

What is a dental implant, what are its characteristics? We can answer your questions as follows;

  • This treatment is a treatment that aims to complete the missing teeth, performed by inserting a titanium screw into the jawbone and inserting a prosthetic tooth on it.
  • The fact that it does not cause any damage to neighboring teeth is one of the advantages offered by implant In this treatment, there is no need to cut or thin the close teeth. At the same time, implant teeth can be used easily, just like natural teeth. There is no need for any adaptation process.
  • One of the most important elements for this treatment to be applied is the jawbone. The bone needs to have a structure suitable for treatment. In case of low bone density, alternative methods may be preferred and the jawbone may gain a denser form and then implant treatment may be initiated.
  • Only a specific group of patients, such as those with advanced diabetes, those who have bleeding problems, cannot benefit from the treatment. Apart from that, we can state that there is a treatment that can be applied to almost everyone.

When is the Implant Performed?

What is a dental implant,people with tooth deficiency experience functional and aesthetic problems. An effective chewing cannot be performed when the tooth is missing. Tooth loss can also cause changes in the closing of the mouth and problems with the jaw joint. What is a dental implant? An implant is the general name given to screws made of titanium that are placed inside the jawbone to replace missing teeth.

These are placed on the jawbone with a surgical application that will be performed in sterile environments by dentists who are experts in their field. Sometimes, general anesthesia can be applied to patients in cases such as if the patient wants or the doctor deems it necessary. What is a dental implant,in order for this treatment to be performed, first of all, the person must have a bone structure and healthy gums to support the implant.

On the other hand, significant health problems that may occur reduce the self-confidence of people if they occur. What is a dental implant is an ideal option for good oral health in people who have lost their teeth due to periodontic disease, caries, trauma or otherwise.

Dental Implant Prices

The fact that the materials used have high strength properties ensures that the life of the implants is also long. Because one of the reasons why the topic of what is a dental implant is on the agenda for a large number of patients is that the treatment can be used for a long time. Currently, the implant is shown to be the best treatment option for tooth loss. Dental bridges or removable dentures may also be preferred. However, when a comparison is made at the point of comfortable use, we can also state that the implant is a more attractive option for patients.

What is a dental implant for a patient at any age, the topic can be raised and treatment can be applied. This treatment should also be applied when there are multiple tooth losses side by side. Both the service life of the inserted teeth and the quality are decisive for the success of the treatment. If quality materials are used, they can be used for many more years. Prices also vary depending on many factors.

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