What is the Hollywood Smile Procedure

What is the Hollywood smile procedure is a question that is often asked. First of all, it is necessary to know the scope of the procedures. The scope of smile design treatment varies according to patients. Because this treatment method is specially designed and applied to the individual. We can list the methods applied within the scope of this treatment as follows:

  • Teeth whitening process, which is one of the most common procedures
  • Smile aesthetics made with implant
  • Types of porcelain, composite and ceramic coatings
  • coating smile design
  • Lip shaping process
  • Lamina porcelain treatment
  • Orthodontic treatments

Before this method, the patient decides together with the dentist which procedures will be performed during his treatment. First of all, structural problems are fixed. Then, other procedures determined by the dentist are performed to give the patient an aesthetic smile. The question of what is the Hollywood smile procedure is often asked to dentists.

What is the Hollywood Smile Procedure Information

Before the question of what is the Hollywood smile procedure, the details of this smile design should be known. Smile design is the process of eliminating elements that cause appearance disorders in patients for various reasons. In the treatment, it is aimed to give a natural appearance by taking into account the facial shape and needs of patients. This treatment method includes many different areas of dentistry.

With the medical interventions performed on the teeth and gums, the patient is given a beautiful, aesthetic appearance. This design method is made by taking into account the facial structure, skin color, tooth and gum structure, lips and jaw. It is the process of correcting the appearance and structure of aesthetically deteriorated teeth.

Before the design of the method, also known as Hollywood Smile, on the computer, the measurement of the patient’s teeth is taken. Then, photos and videos of the tooth structure are taken so that the patient’s smile design can be made. Thanks to the software used, the most suitable smile design is prepared for the patient. If we need to answer the question of what is the Hollywood smile procedure, we can say the whole of this treatment process.

Hollywood Smile Aftercare

The question of what is the Hollywood smile procedure is often investigated. First of all, there are some situations that need to be taken into account after dental aesthetic procedures are performed. Care after smile aesthetics is one of the issues that those who benefit from this aesthetics should carefully focus on. First of all, having had a smile aesthetic does not mean that you can neglect oral and dental health and cleanliness. It is necessary to maintain the aesthetic and beautiful appearance gained, and for this you should know well what to pay attention to. when it comes to post-smile aesthetic care, the first thing that comes to mind is brushing teeth. You should definitely brush your teeth regularly. Brushing teeth, especially after meals, prevents food particles from remaining on the tooth surfaces and between the teeth. Decontamination prevents tooth decay. Therefore, you will also get rid of problems such as plaque or dental calculi in the future. However, brushing your teeth regularly will also help you take precautions against gum disease.

As part of the applied smile aesthetics, coatings can also be attached to the tooth surfaces. These coatings help to make the teeth look whiter, while also covering various dental defects. However, these coatings also need maintenance and cleaning. At the same time, drinks such as tea or coffee, which give color to real teeth, can also lead to discoloration of the veneers if oral cleaning is neglected. From this point of view, you should not neglect brushing your teeth first when doing post-smile aesthetic care. What is the Hollywood smile procedure can be answered in this way.

Food After the Hollywood Smile

The question of what is the Hollywood smile procedure is quite important. After the examination, the dentist will inform you. Another element that should be taken into consideration after the smile design is the consumption of tea, coffee and soda. First of all, it is necessary to emphasize that tea and coffee cause staining on the teeth. If it causes yellowing or brown staining on the teeth over time, the appearance obtained with the smile design will also disappear.

For this reason, the whiteness and spotless appearance of the teeth must also be preserved. It is useful to limit your tea and coffee consumption, and pay attention to oral hygiene and hygiene after consumption. The same applies to soda in the same case.

Acidic drinks can also cause serious damage to the teeth. Even if you have not benefited from the smile design, you should stay away from acidic drinks. It should be noted that the same applies to alcoholic beverages. Heavy consumption of alcoholic beverages damages teeth, restorations and gums. With the question What is the Hollywood smile procedure, the post-smile design process can be indicated in this way.

Hollywood Smile Should Be Considered

What is the Hollywood smile procedure is a very important question. First of all, there are some foods that need to be taken care of during this process. It is also inconvenient to try to break the shells of hard foods such as walnuts or hazelnuts with teeth. These actions can lead to tooth fracture, cracking, as well as damage to the restorations applied to the teeth.

Bruxism, that is, grinding teeth, appears as another important element in post-smile aesthetic care. You need to take care for teeth grinding, which damages the teeth and gums. Thanks to very practical measures, such as the use of dental plaque, you can prevent damage to the teeth and gums. You can also consult your dentist about this.

It should also be noted that aesthetic dental restorations are not guaranteed for a lifetime. They may need to be renewed when their service life expires. For example, the duration of use for porcelain teeth is approximately 15 years. However, it should not be forgotten that if the recommendations and warnings of the dentist are taken into account, the appearance obtained with smile aesthetics can be maintained for a much longer time. What is the Hollywood smile procedure is a question that can be answered in this way.

The Duration of The Hollywood Smile

What is the Hollywood smile procedure is a question posed by patients to dentists. The duration of treatment for smile design varies depending on the patient’s problems and the method applied. The solution of structural problems is one of the first stages of treatment.

Problems that require orthodontic treatment the treatment can take a long time. This period may last up to several years in some patients. In patients with superficial disorders, the treatment process is very short.

The factors that determine the duration of smile design treatment are the patient’s age, face shape, gender, expectations, skin color, functional disorders, dental and gum problems. These elements are the main factors that determine the course of treatment. This is why the question of what is the Hollywood smile procedure and the stages of treatment are so important.

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