With a Hollywood Smile

With a Hollywood smile, a healthy smile can be seen as an important issue for everyone. Smiling is a process that can affect communication along with visuality. In this sense, the Hollywood smile marks the smile that everyone can aim for. Thousands of people in the world and in our country, even celebrities, are turning to aesthetic dental treatments for a Hollywood smile. You can notice these images more clearly when you study the smiles of Hollywood celebrities.

The Hollywood smile starts with the image of the upper front teeth. Again, the incisors on the top are located noticeably in front. The incisors at the bottom can be adjusted to show themselves when laughing. One of the details of this smile is that it is a smile with a wide dental arch and visible up to the first molar at the top. In other words, when they smile broadly, they should have healthy lined teeth in the front section and the incisors should be in the foreground. While this tooth structure or aesthetic smile may be innate in many celebrities, many of them appear as a result of aesthetic dentistry practices. With a Hollywood smile can also be done later.

With a Hollywood Smile Design

With a Hollywood smile is a set of applications that will be performed for a person’s needs. In the application planning, the appearance of the person’s lips, teeth and gums are evaluated and a qualified planning is carried out in order to give a perfect appearance.

Problems such as missing tooth alignment, broken or crooked teeth, gums closing a large part of the teeth, or gums being pulled are identified. At the same time, infections in the mouth, caries in the teeth and gum diseases are also definitely treated before application.

  • The operations performed in the With a Hollywood smile application can be listed as follows;
  • Implant treatment, it is applied for the purpose of completing missing teeth.
  • Porcelain veneer, it is the coating process of the outer surfaces of the teeth with porcelain sheets by eroding at a minimal level.
  • Teeth whitening,yellowing and staining of the teeth are removed.
  • Gum aesthetics,it is applied with the aim of making the gums look compatible with the teeth.

The Advantages of a Hollywood Smile

The application called with a Hollywood smile is a smile design that has been preferred quite often in recent years. On the basis of expressing oneself in a correct, positive and aesthetic way in daily life, one’s face, mouth and smile are effective. In this direction, people who are not happy with the appearance of both the tooth arrangement and the gums resort to dental aesthetic applications. Today, with a whole set of applications planned for a person’s needs, the appearance of a Hollywood smile can be achieved.

With this application, which basically aims to have the smile of Hollywood stars, the lips, teeth and gums achieve a flawless appearance as a whole.

  • Have an aesthetic smile.
  • The teeth get a symmetrical and white appearance.
  • The whole of the teeth and gums are given an aesthetic appearance.
  • The mouth closure is formed correctly.
  • The person gains a younger and more dynamic appearance. 

Stages of Hollywood Smile

Before making a Hollywood smile, the mouth, teeth and facial structure are examined in detail, analyzed and problems are determined. First of all, oral and dental health problems are eliminated. Then, the design is planned to be made taking into account the anatomical characteristics of the person, such as the expectation and the shape of the face. With some special method, which is one of the innovations provided by technology, the final version of the design is shown to the person and thus the opportunity to see and change it before it is applied is offered. The design is seen on the person’s face using photography, three-dimensional modeling and video. Finally, arrangements and methods are decided and implementation is started.

This application is completely personal. Many elements such as the person’s age, gender, face shape, mouth and jaw structure, position of the lips, arrangement of teeth are taken into consideration and a suitable design is prepared for them. It has a lot of treatments and methods in it, although it can be completed in a few sessions. With a Hollywood smile can be used for many years thanks to the correct and attentive care of the person. checking every 6 months is an important element in terms of longer life, as it will allow predicting any problem in advance.

With a Hollywood Smile Cost

In the with a Hollywood smile procedures, a detailed examination of the patients’ mouth and facial structure and teeth is performed first. Following the identification of the existing problems, the necessary procedures are started. Orthodontic treatment is one of the most common procedures performed in Holywood Smile practices. Lingual treatment is the only choice of adult patients in orthodontic treatments to be performed before this procedure. In some cases, the with a Hollywood smile application may not be possible. However, the with a Hollywood smile in general is an aesthetic application that most people can do easily and without any problems. Hollywood smile prices are planned and priced individually, just like any dental treatment.

Smile design; It is an application made to ensure that the teeth and gums, which have a deterioration in their appearance for various reasons, get the most suitable, natural and beautiful appearance for a person. The application is made by taking into account the wishes of people and their face shapes. It contains many dental aesthetic methods such as implant, gum aesthetics, teeth whitening application, bonding, orthodontic treatments, lamina porcelain, lip contouring and shaping, composite fillings.Patients should also definitely learn how the treatment will be, how soon the procedure will be completed and the cost issue.There may be very high costs in some patients. In addition, according to the procedures that will be performed, your doctor will make the necessary warnings to you. With a Hollywood smile price is determined as a result of the examination.

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