With the Hollywood Smile

With the Hollywood smile, for the application of first of all, the person undergoes a detailed examination by a specialist dentist. The current problems with the teeth are clearly identified. A personalized design is planned for incompatibilities. At this point, in addition to the needs of the mouth and dental structure, the person’s own demands and expectations should also be taken into account. After all these criteria are evaluated by the specialist physician, the smile design that is ideal for the person is put forward and the application is started

In with the Hollywood smile application, many different treatments such as implants, porcelain veneers, bleaching can be implemented according to the needs. In this sense, Hollywood smile design can be considered as a multidisciplinary treatment approach.

Smile design includes medically permanent treatments. But for this, a person needs to perform oral and dental care practices in a disciplined way. It is important to stay away from eating and drinking habits, smoking, which can damage the teeth or cause them to lose their whiteness. After the procedure, the sensitivity required for oral and dental health and care is not shown, and if attention is not paid to the teeth, the permanence of the design cannot be guaranteed. With the Hollywood smile design, many issues are important.

With the Hollywood Smile Design

Before starting the with the Hollywood smile application, a detailed intraoral examination supported by x-rays, smile photos, profile photos, analyses to be performed on digital measurements should be decided after precision. In some cases, it is necessary to include botox and surgical procedures. The result of the treatment and the process should be evaluated together with the patient, and it should be started after the information is made. It can be seen how the result will be by applying it digitally or in the mouth with special temporary materials. In this way, the process can start after the patient approves it. There are many cases for the with the Hollywood smile app.

The Hollywood Smile Procedure

With the Hollywood smile is one of the types of aesthetic smile design that has become quite fashionable today. With the Hollywood smile aesthetic, you can also have the confident and attractive-looking smiles of Hollywood stars. Whiter but natural, dazzling, properly sorted, perfectly anatomical, Decoupled and healthy teeth are the goals of the Hollywood Smile procedure. Skin color, gum position, color and size of the front teeth, the harmony of the upper teeth with the lower lip are important factors for the Hollywood smile.

  • There are 10 important rules that the With the Hollywood smile process targets. They are as follows:
  • For the Hollywood smile aesthetic, the upper front and back teeth should be smooth and should not contain any visible fillings. The material used in the treatment of teeth should be the same for each tooth.
  • The 2 incisors located in the upper middle should be slightly more prominent and slightly more prominent, the upper gum should appear up to 0-2 mm when he smiles.
  • During that smile, the cutting edge curvatures of the upper teeth should follow the border of the lower lip.
  • Not only the cutting edges of the teeth, but also the gum boundaries should be aligned by making pink aesthetics. Those teeth should have a rectangular shape instead of a square shape.those dark dental corridors should be reduced.
  • The incisor tooth axes should be arranged in such a way that they move away from the middle line.
  • Gingival zenith points should be symmetrical with each other.
  • The dental anatomy should be determined according to that person’s own anatomical characteristics, there should be no fabrication.

How to Make a Hollywood Smile?

Thin leaf ceramics that will be glued on the teeth in the treatment of the Hollywood smile provide you with an aesthetic appearance, as well as protecting your teeth from effects such as breakage, decay and abrasion from the front surface. Porcelain laminated is used in Hollywood Smile aesthetics. For those who decide on the type of aesthetic lamination, the following stages are followed in the Hollywood Smile process:

  • A digital model is created for the teeth by revealing the tooth and jaw structure of the patient with the help of intra-oral digital scanners.
  • According to the facial proportions of that patient, the ideal dental form for the Hollywood smile is designed via computer.
  • Dental prototypes are created on 3d dental printers in accordance with the received data.
  • Those prototypes are temporarily transferred to the patient’s teeth. The necessary tests and controls are performed on the patient.
  • When the mock up has successfully completed all the anatomical tests, the art of manufacturing real porcelain laminates by handwork begins according to the final mock up.
  • it needs time because the porcelain production stage is not fabricated, but completely obtained. The production is completed in about a week and the process is completed by inserting real leaf porcelain teeth into the patient.
  • The procedures to be performed in the aesthetics of with the Hollywood smile may vary from patient to patient. The procedures to be applied are determined in accordance with the needs of the patient and the treatment is performed individually.

Hollywood Smile Cost

When calculating the prices for the Hollywood smile design, the transactions that need to be applied are collected one by one. Smile design prices are determined according to the number of teeth being processed. Therefore, it is not correct to specify the average price in the smile design. Clear price information is only possible with detailed analyses after a clinical examination.

Although Emax lamina sheet porcelain may seem more costly than other restorative processes at first, they are actually more affordable materials in the long run. Lamina sheet porcelain will be healthier, more natural and more durable than other materials you will choose. With the Hollywood smile prices may be different for each patient. After a detailed examination, the dentist will determine the most appropriate treatment method for the teeth. Therefore, a price should not be given without an examination. The condition of the tooth, its structure and the techniques to be used can be determined and the price can be specified.

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