Zirconia Dental Implant

Zirconia dental implant is preferred much more than other types of prosthesis. titanium implants used in implants have a very important place among the implant materials. Dec.The compatibility of titanium with bone has been proven. However, the biggest disadvantage of titanium implants is that they reflect in gray color. For this reason, studies have been conducted to eliminate aesthetic anxiety and zirconia dental implants have come to the fore.

Biological dentistry has changed radically since the introduction of ceramic dental implants made of zirconium, a high-performance material. With zirconium ceramic implants, a biological solution has been introduced to the teeth treated with an increasing number of root canals in patients for the first time.

Usually, when a decay or rupture condition occurs in the back teeth, metal-backed porcelain veneers are preferred. At the same time, porcelain is also a good option for holding Decayed tooth fragments together.In addition, when you look at the zirconia dental implant, you can see that it has more advantages than porcelain. Once again, it is aesthetic and closer to the real tooth color. It also does not cause discoloration of the gums. At the same time, it has a much more durable structure.

What is Zirconia Dental Implant?

Zirconia dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed in the jawbone and produced from zirconium oxide so that it can better imitate natural teeth. The jawbone is located just below the gum. These small screws are surgically applied to the jawbone and serve as a frame or metal pole to support the prostheses that will be placed on it.

Although the duration of a zirconia dental implant is usually about 6 months, it only takes 5 minutes to install the implant. At this stage, local anesthesia is applied and the patient does not feel pain or pain in any way.

Since it is a type of coating without metal support, zirconium is a coating that is ideal for people who are allergic to dental metal. Another important factor in its preference is its resistance to temperature and corrosion compared to other metals. Thanks to its transparent appearance, it is suitable for the edges of the gums. It creates strength against corrosion because it oxidizes in the air or when it enters a liquid. For this reason, the place where you will have zirconium dental treatment applied on the implant is also important.

If the application of zirconium dental treatment is, a measurement is taken from the person’s tooth and a wax model of the patient’s tooth is prepared. The structure of the tooth is prepared by the method of etching the zirconium oxide block. Ceramic of the appropriate color is placed on the structure to be etched. The zirconium tooth to be operated on is made ready.

Difference between Zirconia Dental Implant?

Zirconia dental implant provides a more aesthetic appearance than other types of prosthesis. It is more similar to real teeth because the light transmittance is better. The most important difference between a standard implant and a zirconium implant is that zirconium has a much greater resistance. For this reason, zirconium implants are preferred much more often than titanium implants in recent years. When it comes to the zirconium implant:

  • It can adapt to a narrow jaw structure much more comfortably
  • There is no wear problem in any way
  • There will not be any metal taste left in the mouth
  • There is no change in the color in any way
  • It offers both a higher durability and provides an aesthetic appearance.Prosthetic teeth placed with implant treatment create a much more natural appearance than traditional prostheses. Thanks to this, a person gets a much more aesthetic and non-artificial smile.
  • Since a tooth root application is not performed in traditional prostheses, damage to the jawbone can be prevented with the load that will eventually get on the jawbones. Because the implant, which acts as a tooth root, meets the pressure during chewing and protects the jawbone. In other words, dry food can be consumed much more comfortably after implant treatment and speech function will not be impaired.

Advantages of Zirconia Dental Implant

  • There are no free electrons on the surface of the zirconium porcelain implant and it is absolutely neutral. Zirconia dental implant is different from porcelain.
  • It can not form less plaque and ligaments than natural teeth.
  • The material can be corroded with hydrofluoric acid, and the melting point is above 2,400 °C.
  • The prognosis of a zirconium dental implant is better than the prognosis of a natural tooth. The inert surface of the implant allows for a lower tendency to develop a gum infection compared to a natural tooth.
  • It is not subject to bacterial decay and does not have nerves that can die or turn into an immune-related problem in the tooth. Zirconia dental implant has many advantages.

Zirconia Dental Implant Prices

There is no exact price for zirconia dental implant prices. In order to determine the price, it is necessary to conduct an oral and dental examination of the patient. For zircon implant prices, they vary especially according to the clinic where the treatment is applied, the doctor’s experience and the patient’s needs. It is extremely important that you contact specialists and experienced physicians in order for your oral and dental health treatment to be performed correctly.

Zirconia dental Implant treatments are treatments that are performed at various stages and can be expensive or relatively economical depending on the choice of material, brand. Without knowing which type of implant you will use, it is impossible to know the cost of treatment without clarifying bone powder, sinus surgery or different procedures. Many elements are evaluated when determining treatment prices.

First of all, there are many situations such as the patient’s tooth and jaw structure, the number of teeth to be implanted, the implant brand, the dentist’s knowledge and experience. All this is a factor. In addition, it is healthier to choose implants that are durable and of high quality for many years rather than price.Implant quality is one of the most important factors. High-quality and long-lasting materials and screws made of titanium stay in the mouth for many more years without problems.

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