Aesthetic Dentistry

The word aesthetic is the science of artistic creativity, the concept of beauty in art and life, and is the equivalent of the branch of science that studies beauty. When this branch of science is combined with dentistry, its aim is to provide the person with the tooth structure that suits the person in harmony with the facial structure, skin, color and even personality.
Aesthetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that not only beautifies the teeth, but also beautifies your gums and the closure of the teeth. It is used to improve the shape of your mouth and the quality of your smile, which can range from improving the function of your teeth in terms of bite shape and strength. Aesthetic dentistry deals with both the improvement of the appearance of the teeth and their functionality. While a perfect smile is considered the main focus of aesthetic dentistry, improving the appearance and brilliance of your smile is part of the equation, but not the ultimate goal. The main goal is to restore the natural health and function of your mouth.
When blended with a focus on aesthetics, dental health and wellness, the result is naturally beautiful, healthy and long-lasting smile.

Which Treatment Methods Are Used in Aesthetic Dentistry?

It is applied to teeth that are discolored due to various reasons, broken due to trauma or caries, irregular, crooked and deformed teeth, color and form disorders in the gingiva, and tooth deficiencies.


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