Gummy Smile Botox

Perfect smiles and pearly white teeth are important to our society. Although white teeth are necessary for a beautiful smile, they are also an indication of healthy teeth. However, it may not be enough just to have white and healthy teeth. The fact that the gums under the upper lip are visible while smiling disturbs most people. This is known as the Gummy Smile, that is, the gum smile.
Gummy Smile can occur for many reasons. Sometimes the tooth length may be small compared to the width and length of your smile, so more gums are visible. Sometimes, he may have a small upper lip that does not adequately cover the upper gum area when smiling. Some people just have excess gum tissue. Those who suffer from this condition may feel bad about how their smile looks, and although many dentists and orthodontists offer treatment to remove gum smile, most of these procedures are surgical.
Botox treatment effectively treats this problem and is preferred as a much more manageable method than surgery. By using two or more injections on either side of the upper lip where it meets the nasal crease, the muscles that pull the upper lip up can relax and the lips may begin to cover the gums, resulting in a more aesthetically appealing smile.

Gummy Smile Botox Treatment

Botox consists of type A botulinum toxin, and when used for typical cosmetic purposes, it temporarily reduces the activity of the facial muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles to appear. When a patient has a gingival smile, the same treatment is applied, with botox injected into the muscle responsible for lifting the upper lip near the nose while smiling. When Botox is distributed throughout the muscle, the tension that causes the gums to show when smiling is reduced and the lips close the gums.


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