Lip Fillers For Gummy Smile

Some people have a gum smile called the gummy smile. This is an aesthetic problem and can make people very uncomfortable. We can perform various operations to solve this problem. But in recent years, there is an easier method as an alternative to the operation: Botox application. With a 5-minute botox application, you can get rid of this annoying smile.

The term gummy smile is used for the situation that occurs as a result of the gums appearing more than they should during smiling. Experts say that fourteen percent of women and seven percent of men suffer from this condition. Recently, it is preferred to remedy this situation with various methods. To express the gummy smile pattern exactly, it can be said as excessive gingival appearance during smiling. It has already entered the literature in this form. With the development of aesthetic dentistry over the years, various treatment methods have emerged for this condition, which directly affects the self-confidence of people. In this article, we will try to inform you about the causes and treatment processes.

Who Can Have Gummy Smile Botox?

Gummy smile botox can be applied to anyone who is bothered by the appearance of their gums. First of all, necessary treatments are applied to people with intense gum bleeding, oral caries and gum sensitivity. Then treatment is done. People who have a smaller than normal tooth height, have thin upper lip structure and have enlarged gums due to the use of different drugs can have it done.


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