Jaw Surgery

Jaw surgery, also known as orthognathic surgery, is a treatment that corrects asymmetrical differences in the upper and lower jaws. Jaw surgery; It is done to correct misaligned jaws or a wrong bite. Today, another reason for doing it is to provide chin aesthetics. Although orthodontic treatment can correct problems such as crooked teeth, corrective orthognathic surgery is required for major problems such as lower and upper jaw alignment.

The surgery is performed without removing the braces after removing the deformity of the teeth during orthodontic treatment. In case the lower jaw is smaller than normal or behind, the jawbone is cut and taken forward and the bone tissue is transferred to the formed gap. It is fixed with titanium plate and screws. In cases where the lower jaw is anterior or excessively developed, the bone tissue is cut and the lower jaw is taken back. It is fixed with cut screws. It is not necessary to bind the teeth together. There is no problem with nutrition. The swelling that occurs will go away in a week.

How is Jaw Surgery Performed?

Lower jaw surgery is performed under general anesthesia in the hospital. These surgeries should be performed in a full-fledged hospital, under sterile operating conditions, against infections that may occur in such surgeries. As long as these are taken care of, the risk of infection is extremely low.


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