Laser Dental Treatment

In laser assisted dental treatment, it can be applied on teeth and bones, which we call hard tissue. It is used in roughening processes to clean the caries in the teeth and to hold the fillings to the teeth more strongly. Laser dental treatment provides an advantage to the patient, as the patient does not experience vibration and discomfort associated with the instruments in the mouth while the caries is being cleaned. As the caries in the tooth tissue are treated by evaporation, the cleaning process is carried out without disturbing the patient.
Most of the time, anesthesia is not needed. Tooth cutting can also be done for crown bridge work with laser, and a comfortable work can be provided especially in patients with dentin sensitivity. It is also used in bone-oriented applications in the fields of Periodontology, Implantology and Maxillo Surgery in hard tissue laser-assisted dental treatment. Soft tissue lasers are used in operations performed in intraoral soft tissues.

The advantages of laser dental treatment are:

In order to adjust the gingival length to the desired level and thickness, which is one of the problems frequently encountered by aesthetic dentistry, and to remove the purplish blackish discoloration of the gingiva, the procedure is completed with superficial anesthesia, which is often applied only in the form of gel or spray. Compared to the old methods, in these studies performed with laser, it is felt less by the patient, there is no bleeding, no stitches are used, healing is faster and there is no need for protective pastes.
Laser is used in dentistry treatments to increase the quality of treatment by accelerating wound healing. Laser-assisted dentistry applications often provide a fast, painless and bleeding-free treatment without the need for anesthesia. Laser is used in many areas such as periodontal treatments, gingival aesthetics and smile design, aesthetic fillings, bleaching, surgical procedures, tooth sensitivity.


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