Orthodontics; It is a science and a medical specialty that examines the arrangement of the teeth, the location of the teeth in the lower and upper jaw, the position of the jaws, the head and facial skeleton and their relationship with each other. In practice, the same meanings are expressed as orthodontics and braces treatment.
Orthodontics / braces treatment, closure disorder of the mouth and jaw, malocclusion problems, repositioning of badly positioned forward, backward and side tilted teeth that come out of a different place than they should be; It is a procedure performed for those who want to remove the crowding caused by the lack of space and to look aesthetically perfect around the face such as chewing and speaking.
This treatment process is applied by specialist dentists (orthodontists) who have specialized training on the faculty of dentistry. Orthodontic specialization is a title obtained after 4 years of orthodontic education, which is gained through the dentistry specialty exam (DUS) after undergraduate education at the faculty of dentistry.
The duration of orthodontic treatment; Although it varies from patient to patient and the type of treatment applied, orthodontic treatment can last from a few months to several years.

Importance of Orthodontic Treatment

If you have badly positioned and incorrectly positioned teeth; Foods sent to the stomach without being completely ground due to a dental problem may prevent the patient from eating healthy and may cause digestive system disorders by putting a load on the stomach. Teeth that cannot be cleaned properly can rot over time.


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