Partial and Full Dentures

They are prostheses made for teeth that cannot be fixed prosthesis application. The tooth in front of the non-tooth area is called a prosthesis with a hook because it is attached with the help of a prosthesis hook. In partial dentures, the impression is prepared in an average of 5 sessions with various rehearsals. An average of 2 weeks is sufficient for 5 sessions.
Under the tongue in the lower jaw part of these prostheses; In the upper jaw part, there are metals that pass through the palate. These metals can make it difficult for you to get used to at first. After a certain period of time, you can use it very comfortably as if it were your own tooth.
It provides diagnosis and treatment services in the field of oral and dental health with its expert physician staff. Our patients who apply to the clinic are examined in detail with a mouth camera and x-ray, and their treatment is started. In addition, dental treatment can be performed under general anesthesia for frightened patients, hyperactive children and our disabled patients.

Can I Eat With My Partial Dentures?

Dentures are designed to give you all the form and function of natural teeth. It may take some time to get used to your new denture, but you will eventually be able to enjoy most of the foods you love. You should start eating again with soft foods and be careful to chew slowly and on both sides of the mouth. Especially hard or sticky foods should be avoided.


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