Periodontology is a branch of dentistry that deals with the protection of the health of soft tissues such as the gingiva surrounding the natural teeth or the implants applied to replace the lost teeth and the hard tissues such as the jawbone that supports both the teeth and the implants, and the treatment in case of possible disease and the continuity of the health status after the treatment. Strive for the continuity of the health status obtained after diagnosis, treatment and treatment of diseases belonging to the tissues supporting the teeth on the one hand and the tissues supporting the teeth on the other.
Orthodontics, which is directly concerned with oral, jaw and dental health, is also closely interested in issues such as correcting the anterior teeth, whether the teeth are compatible with the teeth and jawbone in the opposite jaw, and whether the jaw bones and facial skeleton are balanced.

Periodontal diseases are inflammatory diseases that affect the gums and other tissues that support the teeth. These diseases can be treated easily and successfully when diagnosed at an early stage. Although gum disease is a disease that affects the majority of our society; It is an insidious disease of which very little information is known about its causative agents, results and treatment. Prevention or treatment of gum disease; In addition to protecting natural teeth, it also brings other benefits such as more comfortable chewing and better digestion.

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Periodontology Department;

  • The cementum tissue, which forms the outermost layer of the root of the tooth
  • Alveolar bone tissue covering the periphery of the root of the tooth
  • Periodontalligament fiber group that acts as a connection between the root part of the tooth and the bone part.
  • The mucous layer, the gingiva, that surrounds the roots of the teeth and surrounds the alveolar bone.


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