Smart smile design is the reason of preference of dentists and patients due to the compliance of the rules with the smile design algorithm.As a result of the measurements taken, the teeth prepared one by one are placed in the person’s mouth and the patient also has a chance to see the teeth he wants to have. The person can determine the desired changes on the model teeth during the rehearsal with the dentist.

Smart smile design is made according to the color of the teeth, facial contours. As a result of the measurements taken with the help of computer-aided intraoral scanners, a personalized smile design is created.In the smart smile design application, measurements are taken and your newly produced teeth are glued on the same day.

Even if the progress of the aesthetic field today brings the tooth to mind first, the slightest touch to the teeth actually shows how wonderful your smile can be. In this case, you will also have the chance to use your teeth to make a touch on your smile. You can make the right touches together with our experts to make your teeth that appear when you laugh look more like your face.

Smart smile design is a type of holistic treatment. It covers all of the treatments performed to get a brand new and aesthetic smile by changing the patient’s laughing line. These treatments include aesthetic fillings, root canal treatment, porcelain veneers, zircon applications, emax laminate applications, dental treatments such as implant applications, as well as applications made in soft tissue, that is, what we call pink aesthetics. This pink aesthetic includes treatments such as adjusting the gum to an ideal angle and position, correcting asymmetries and contours on the lip.

What is Smart Smile Design?

While you get the look you want with the smart smile design, you can also see that it will carry your sense of confidence to the highest level for many years. In this case, you can catch your teeth for at least 10 years without aesthetic concerns. After this treatment, which varies from person to person,;

  • Porcelain
  • Zirconium
  • Wire Treatment
  • Plaque

It may be on the agenda to perform all such treatments. For this purpose, while sometimes using multiple methods in smart smile design, sometimes it becomes possible to make smile aesthetics with a single touch. For this, it is necessary to see the right specialist and have the right application for your tooth.

After the dentist’s examination, in the absence of orthodontic and surgical dental treatments, the determined smile design plan begins to be applied to the patient.If the dentist detects joint disorders in the treatment of smile aesthetics, this treatment is provided first. Some disorders can be corrected in a short time with orthopedic treatment applied by specialist physicians in the field and a beautiful smile is provided to you.




How is Smart Smile Design Done?

  • The patient and the dentist mutually carry out ideas before the operation and clarify the details
  • Clearly expressing the evaluation and criticism made in a computer environment, demonstrating
  • Starting the operation after the approximate image is shown to the patient and mutually approved
  • If the treatment started from the gums has dental deficiencies, it should be continued with implant treatment
  • If necessary, to turn to orthodontic and surgical practices
  • Finally, if necessary, the completion of the operation with aesthetic surgical fillings

The photos taken before the operation start are then shown to you after. Thus, the smile design will be clearly revealed before and after. Thanks to the dental smart smile design, many people’s lives have changed radically. In this design process, which is performed in an average of 3 sessions, it may also be possible to reduce or increase the number of sessions depending on the patient’s condition.

With smart smile design, it is ensured that the teeth, gums and lip structure of people achieve the ideal aesthetic appearance. In this context, many different parameters such as a person’s age, expectations, gender and social position are taken into account when determining the ideal appearance. Smile design is an application that can be successfully performed for people of all ages. However, since jaw and dental treatments are performed within the scope of smile design treatment, it is very important that the person has completed the development of the jaw and teeth. For this reason, the age limit for smile design is set at 18.

Smart Smile Design Method

The construction of the smart smile design application starts with the person’s application to the doctor. The position of the teeth, the placement of the roots and the condition of the jawbone are taken into account with dimensional imaging tools inside the mouth. Then, the most appropriate tooth positions are determined according to the facial and jaw structure of the people. In the procedure performed by giving priority to the construction of rotten teeth in the mouth, people are ensured to laugh both healthily and beautifully.

Smart smile design analysis is comprehensive and depends on many variables. For this, a detailed examination of the doctors of our clinic is a must. It is a treatment that can be applied to every patient by completing the necessary infrastructure preparations. Although there is no special determination about the age limit in smile design practice, a person’s expectations and needs can significantly change the scope of treatment.

Smart Smile Design Prices

If you want smile aesthetics, the first thing you will do is to go to a doctor’s examination and make plans for this wonderful smile. After the doctor’s examination, if there is no need for orthodontic and surgical dental treatments, you can have this smile with a planning determined by your dentist. However, if there is a need for orthodontic treatment, your doctor will first recommend these treatments and proceed to practice.

Smart smile design is a serious process. Both in terms of cost, time and quality of work, the doctor and the patient should speak the same language and meet at the same point. This is why a rehearsal session is organized and the person is allowed to discuss the procedures to be performed together with his dentist. It is during this session that the person approves what the doctor will do about smart smile design, and then the program is made.

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