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Aksu Clinic offers many different services to people who need dental care. Dental clinics are places where you can go for dental cleaning and treatment. Providing preventive care and curative care services, Aksu Clinic helps prevent problems from occurring in the first place. It also helps keep your teeth healthy by preventing or stopping tooth decay and gum disease. However, Aksu Clinic, which helps to repair the damage that has already occurred in the teeth; has the ability to provide service at exactly the quality standards you expect.

Aksu Clinic is an organization that provides dental health services to its patients. These services include scaling, fillings, extractions, root canal treatment and prostheses. Dental clinics perform a number of procedures to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Aksu Clinic is at the center of new generation solutions for the emergence of a high level of dental health. Cleaning is often the first step in any treatment plan at a dental clinic. The dentist will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth using ultrasonic instruments or electrical special devices and then polish them with an abrasive paste or liquid polish.

Aksu Clinic includes dentists, each of whom is an expert in their field, in its staff. Our dentists will check the gaps and cracks in your teeth and treat them if any. After cleaning, after the lab technicians take impressions of your teeth, you may be asked to insert temporary fillings while you wait for your permanent fillings to be placed later by your dentist. Thus, many professional practices related to oral and dental health are implemented.

Dentists diagnose and treat diseases, injuries and defects of the oral cavity, jaw and teeth. They also deal with problems related to the development of these organs, such as congenital anomalies. Dentists also advise on general preventive care and treatment of mouth injuries. Aksu Clinic brings you professional solutions to provide service in a way that will meet your expectations.

Our Mission

Aksu Clinic is a medical institution where dentists serve patients. In our clinic, routine controls, fillings, extractions and other treatments are carried out in accordance with international quality standards. Aksu Clinic, which is among the new generation solutions; It also carries out a professional work in terms of putting its signature under qualified projects for the future. Our clique, which has the ability to meet the needs of our audience in accordance with international standards; It is included in a complete treatment service with its staff who are experts in their field. Aksu Clinic, which successfully reflects an innovative vision; has a service understanding that is committed to business ethics and attaches importance to the principle of honesty.

Our Vision

Aksu Clinic; aiming at one hundred percent patient satisfaction; provides a comprehensive oral and dental health service. Aksu Clinic, whose mission is to provide you with the most professional services as soon as possible; has the ability to successfully apply the latest techniques and methods. Thus, it is at the center of a service at international standards that fully meets your expectations.
Speed of treatment 94 %
Certified employees 100 %
Satisfied customers 89 %
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We have gathered only qualified specialists with extensive experience in the dental field. We will help you with any problem!

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Many manufacturers of dental equipment, implants, crowns, ceramic veneers and braces cooperate with us. Please contact us!
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